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Plans change, how do I reset and go forward?

Reset and Go Forward with Purpose

In this interview, Phil Strong will share what he's learnt from his life after hitting rock-bottom, searching for God, and finding new direction and hope. Phil is a humorous and interesting storyteller who speaks about faith and overcoming challenges.

Phil says, “I was lost. I was in a dark place. I didn't know who God had called me to be. I didn't know why God put me in this place. Maybe you can relate to that. Maybe that's what life feels like for you.

“The way that we get beyond that place is to do the journey with others. I'm going to share my perspective on how a season like that can lead you into a place of refreshment.”

Phil reminds us that God has got more for each of us. We can reset and go forward with purpose!

Phil Strong is a speaker, business entrepreneur and senior leader at ZION, a church community in Te Awamutu. He’s also a published author who has inspired many with his practical teaching for transformational living. To find out more about Phil see

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)



Living Your Best Life!

Ants (Anthony) Puki is an inspiring man of faith. In this interview he shares with us a message of hope, encouraging us to move forward in faith towards the future that God has for us.

Ants works in the prisons, where he leads a team of people. He’s an elder at his local church and leads a men’s group. He and his wife have three daughters. He also serves on the PK Board.

The words we speak over people have power. Many of us have had negative words spoken over them. Ants tells of a teacher who told him that he was useless. But Ants had a foundation of love, so he pushed past those negative words and got his trade as a woodwork joiner. Today he often uses those carpentry skills to help others.

Ants' message is a stirring reminder of how powerful it is when we serve God and demonstrate His love to those around us.

Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10)



Luka Robertson, senior leader of Hope NZ, shares on The Father-Heart of God

The Father-Heart of God

Luka Robertson shares on The Father-Heart of God and our identity as a Son of God.

Luka shares his story, including the shock discovery that he was adopted. He reveals his journey of pain, healing, and forgiveness. Central to this healing journey, has been a revelation of Father-God’s deep love for him. From this place of experiencing the Father-Heart of God, Luka imparts identity and hope.

Luka shared this fantastic message at the PK Christchurch Event in 2021. It is best viewed in the company of other men so you can fully benefit from the support and friendship that being together brings.

Also Aaron Ironside's message on Being Connected and Pursuing Friendship is available to watch on the Promise Keepers website [here]. If you are in a group, you may like to watch Luka’s message, share a meal together, then watch Aaron’s message.



Being Connected and Pursuing Friendship

Aaron Ironside shares insights into how to be connected with others and develop great friendships.

Aaron is a popular speaker and has been involved with PK for over 23 years. He has more than 3000 hours of counselling experience, drawing on his Masters Degree in Psychology, pastoral ministry and his training with Strength to Strength. Since 2019 Aaron has been a chaplain to international crews at the Ports of Auckland. His experience includes 25 years as a broadcaster and stand-up comic.

Aaron shared this fantastic message at the PK Christchurch Event in 2021. It is best viewed in the company of other men so you can fully benefit from the support and friendship that being together brings.

Also Luka Robertson's message on The Father-Heart of God is available to watch on the Promise Keepers website [here]. If you are in a group, you may like to watch Aaron's message, share a meal together, then watch Luka's message.

Aaron Ironside, communicator and counsellor shares insights on connection and friendship




Experiencing Hope

Find out how Jordan Mclauchlan’s life went from being filled with despair to experiencing hope and purpose.

He was a drug addict with a $2,000 a week meth habit. His parents prayed for him every day. They introduced him to a Christian recovery centre. Months later he decided he needed help and to go to the centre.

Today Jordan is clean and sober. He's also a leader in his church, works at the recovery centre and leads a life group called Unexpected Hope. Through this life group, Jordan supports drug addicts and gang members to make positive change in their life, helping people find purpose and hope.

Jordan says, “This is all possible through Jesus who changed my life! All I did was surrender to Him! There is still hope in this world and that hope is found in Jesus!”

Jordan’s gripping story is one of brokenness, redemption, hope and restoration. It reminds us that nothing is impossible for God.

Gather your mates, watch this together and be filled with hope.



How to Live a Life of Purpose

Discover how to live a life of purpose using Ephesians 2:10 as a foundation for our discussion. Ephesians 2:10 says, "For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them."

He says, “I will share a little of my story and how being willing to be open to God opened the door to His destiny for me.”

Geoff will share Keys to Living a Life of Purpose. He will also share how having focus and friendship with other men has helped him along the way.

So how do we live a life with purpose and fulfilment? Let’s find out together by watching this interview with Geoff Wiklund.

About Geoff Wiklund...

Geoff Wiklund is a popular PK speaker and itinerant preacher, bringing a message of hope, love and encouragement.



Mentoring - Imparting Hope Across Generations

Sam Tolley is interviewed by Paul Monahan where they talk about Mentoring and Imparting Hope Across Generations.

Discover how your role is vital in encouraging those who are at a different life stage than you.

Mentoring is about building a legacy, a legacy of hope and investment into the next generation. It gives us the opportunity to speak life into those who follow, encouraging them in their faith and everyday life.

As men we need each other. To learn a trade, we often start as an apprentice, learning off those who are older and more experienced than us. In life we can look around to find those who we see we’d like to learn off and then approach them, asking if they will mentor us. Often from this mentoring and learning, friendship is built across the generations.

About Sam Tolley...

Sam Tolley is campus pastor for Church Unlimited West Auckland.

One area where men are often open to being mentored is in the aspect of fathering. Pastor Sam Tolley points to fathers of young families and says that they are typically keen to get support from other fathers who will listen and speak from their life-experience. Sam’s men’s group includes fathers of young families and fathers, like himself, who have been parenting for a while. Creating an environment where older fathers are supporting younger ones.

Sam is passionate about the significant role that fathers at any age can have on other men. We aren’t just referring to physical fathers here, but also spiritual fathers.



How to Live a Vibrant Christian Life

Do you want to live a vibrant Christian life? Brotherhood is important because as we develop our relationship with God and one another, together we flourish! David and Jonathan, Paul and Barnabas, Paul and Timothy, were better for having each other. Together we can rise to our full potential.

Guest speaker Len Buttner says, “I think many of us are only living at 30-40% of our potential. God has more for us. I want to help us see this and develop our potential.”

It’s our hunger for God that propels us to pray, read scripture and spend time with one another. Join us as we gain valuable insights from Len Buttner as he shares How to Live a Vibrant Christian Life.

About Len Buttner...

Len Buttner is the founder of Eagle Ascend Ministries, which is an itinerant ministry with a mandate to equip, encourage and empower the church. Len wants to encourage men to have a vibrant Christian life, see their heart revived, be reading the Bible, and be stirred by God to pray for their family, mates, community, and nation. Len has been very well received at PK Events as he brings an insightful message. Ken said that “Len was compassionate and accurate with his prophetic words.” Rod said of Len’s message it was “Tremendous teaching from Len Buttner to help us lead a victorious life.”



The Incredible Power of Words

Richard Brunton is interviewed by Andrew Urquhart where they talk about how our words contain tremendous power – either positive and constructive, or negative and destructive.

When we speak positive words that bring life and blessing, it can have a tremendous effect on ourselves, our family and those around us. Richard has found this to be remarkably true in his life. He will share how spoken words of blessing have changed his life and the lives of others.

Something that has had incredible impact is the father’s blessing which Richard shares with us. Richard also talks about issues of fatherlessness and dealing with negative self-talk.

About Richard Brunton...

Richard Brunton jointly founded Colmar Brunton Research in 1981. His inspirational teaching on blessing others has impacted and challenged many people to start releasing God’s blessing and favour on others.

Richard is the author of The Awesome Power of Blessing. The powerful concepts contained in this book have led to the runaway success of it with more than 3.5 million copies in print! You can also find out more about Richard Brunton’s book The Awesome Power of Blessing [here]



Where is God when the Going Gets Tough?

Have you ever thought to yourself, where is God when the going gets tough? Mick Duncan has helpful strategies to share with us to get us through tough times. His message will also allow us to discover that faith can help us emerge stronger despite the difficulties.

About Mick Duncan...

Dr Mick Duncan is a speaker and author who has walked through many tough seasons in his life, including job uncertainty, death of a child, a prodigal child that was on drugs, needing to say sorry when he got it wrong, and he’s found God’s grace and mercy carry him. Out of this journey he’s learnt how to hold onto faith in difficult times. He’s lived with the question of where is God when bad things happen and come alongside others who were also looking for an answer.



Walking the Journey with Authenticity 

In this livestream interview Dave Firth discusses how we walk the journey of life with authenticity. Including encouraging you to take the brave step to be genuine and move beyond the fake you vs the real you.
Discover the vibrancy of authentic Christian living and the meaningful friendships that result when we share our stories with one another and walk the journey with authenticity.

About Authentic Magazine Editor Dave Firth ...

Originally from the UK, Dave and his wife Marsha and their three children are based in Cambridge, New Zealand where Dave is CEO of Authentic Christian Trust and editor of Authentic Men’s Magazine.

Dave has a deep conviction to teach Biblical truth in a bright and refreshing way. “The Bible is an incredible book, but more importantly, it’s all about Jesus from Genesis to Revelation. What else can we do with our time that is as valuable as learning from Him and His word? Not much!”



Failure is Not Final: Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

Many people think that suicide is inevitable, once someone has made up their mind, however this is not true at all. Suicide can be prevented. Michael Hempseed will give us tools that we need to help others. He will also be sharing about how poor sleep is often a significant factor.

About Michael Hempseed...

Michael Hempseed (BA Psyc (Hon), Dip. Child Protection) is an experienced speaker who combines the latest research on mental health and suicide with practical tools, insights and pathways to support.
Michael is an author and TEDx Speaker. His TedX presentation, Overcoming Failure, has had 25,000 views.
His book, Being A True Hero: Understanding and Preventing Suicide in Your Community, is proving to be a worthwhile book for professionals and for those who have friends that maybe suicidal. His website has more info. Michael is also managing director and behavioural expert at Employee Solutions Service.



Truth That Brings Freedom

You were made for freedom and yet many people continue to struggle in different areas of their life.

Wherever you believe a lie in your life you will find yourself limited and restrained. Negative thoughts, moods and habits will also result. Transformation comes through the renewing of our mind. Learn how to renew your mind and with that to better allow God’s Spirit to transform every aspect of your life.

About Richard ...

Richard Black (BA, BD, MCouns, MNZAC) is the founder and Managing Director of Strength to Strength. He is sought after as a counsellor and communicator. Richard has worked in pastoral leadership for many years and understands the everyday struggles that people face and the demands on church leaders.

Through his counselling, training, and public speaking he helps people strengthen their thinking, be proactive in relationships, and succeed with life.

He has been married to Jennifer for almost 25 years. They have 3 children (aged 19, 17, 14).



Alan Stephenson
Loving Your Community

It wasn’t too many years ago that to do mission work, the norm was to go overseas. Now the nations are coming to us right here in NZ. In this breakfast we talk with Alan Stephenson about how ordinary kiwis can share the love of Jesus. Alan has done the classic overseas mission for 30 years in Tanzania where he and his wife Lynda have done an exemplary job building The Joshua Foundation.

In this video Alan and Paul Monahan talk about how we can do good and show God's love in our community. Discussing ways we can actively help others and show kindness.

This video with Alan Stephenson was especially poignant as it took place only a week after the Christchurch attack. Alan spoke into the situation very sensitively and well.



Aaron Ironside – Real Mates You Can Count On (and how to be a real friend to others)

Who is your closest male friend and how close are you?

Aaron Ironside will guide us through the various types of friendship (Champion, Builder, Companion, Energiser, and Collaborator) and why friends are especially important when we go through hard times. Jesus related differently to people on different levels and so do we. What are those differences in our lives, and how do we react?

Aaron has a wealth of experience to share from both the perspective of a professional counsellor and from multiple real life friendship experiences. He will help us navigate into deeper, more meaningful relationships.

"The wall that you use to keep out the bad also keeps out the good. Walls are a broken strategy." - Aaron



Vince D'Acchioli - Fully Alive
Becoming the man God intended

We all want to live lives of purpose and significance, but what does that look like?

To reach our full God-given potential we need to understand two unique things about ourselves:

  • Why am I here and how do I discover my destiny?
  • How has God made me different from everybody else, with unique giftings?

Vince unpacks these two questions so we can understand ourselves and have the certainty of a solid foundation to launch into life with enthusiasm!

Vince is a humorous and insightful speaker. He brings a powerful message about walking in God’s plan for your life, with live Q&A at the end.

About Vince...

Vince D’Acchioli is the founder and president of On Target Ministries, a Christian outreach to men, pastors, and couples. In the past two decades, Vince’s seminars, workshops and church services have touched the lives of tens of thousands of people across the United States and Canada.

Prior to founding On Target Ministries, Vince served as the Executive Vice President of Every Home for Christ, a worldwide missions ministry with offices in more than 200 countries. During the years leading up to this transition into full-time ministry, Vince functioned as the vice president of a Fortune 500 company involved in retailing, manufacturing, and wholesaling distribution.

Before moving to Colorado Springs in 1991, Vince was an elder and member of the church board at The Church On The Way in Van Nuys, California, pastored by Jack Hayford.

[See more about Vince]



Need help with a porn issue? More info [here]

Aaron Ironside – Set Free

What would it feel like to be truly free? Free from compulsive behaviours like overspending, eating too much, drinking to excess or being held in the grip of porn.

Aaron Ironside reveals how we can cultivate inner strength and resolve to master these behaviours and live the lives God wants us to live.

Some men need help to break a porn addiction because it can have a stronger hold than other kinds of addictions. Paul Monahan shares the powerful results of the PK Set Free groups, and how getting involved can lead to experiencing a changed life through the power of God.

Watch this presentation on Vimeo for an exciting glimpse into living addiction-free and having mastery over your own life.



Sy Rogers - Men Mentoring Men

One of the biggest challenges facing men today in the first-world West is understanding their role in society. Men’s adequacy is often measured by their strength, sexual prowess or financial success. This cultural standard is at odds with how God views a life of significance, and leads to men being insecure about who they are.

So how do we learn how to live as men of integrity as God intended?

A key solution is men mentoring men – men receiving acceptance and accountability from one another, learning to relate in a healthy way to other men and connect with a band of brothers they can trust.

Don’t miss this impacting message from Sy, as he shares valuable insights from his own journey about the power of mentoring.


How this message from Sy impacted Bill...

"The Holy Spirit prompted me very strongly to make sure I heard what Sy was going to say. I am so glad I did - that was amazing! So much to take in - it was a message from Abba Father that I needed to hear in the depths of my soul. Tears are flowing as I write this - He knows the longing we have, where deep calls to deep. That was the best presentation I have ever heard - life giving, liberating and healing." Bill

About Sy Rogers...

Sy’s unique life and three decades of ministry have inspired and encouraged audiences from London’s Royal Albert Hall to many of the world’s most influential pulpits. Regarded as a gifted communicator, award-winning talk show host, recording artist, and pastoral care specialist, Sy is a leading voice regarding sexuality, cultural themes and God’s character. Married since 1982, Sy and his family have lived in Singapore, the USA and New Zealand. Currently based in New Zealand, Sy continues to minister internationally.

Whiteboard from Sy's presentation

Promotional video - Sy invites you to hear his message on Men Mentoring Men



David Dusek’s mission is to encourage and equip men to live their lives for Christ. He utilises his life experiences – including his non-Christian upbringing, coming to Christ as an adult, and extensive business background – to reach men in a way they can understand.

 David is the founder of Rough Cut Men Ministries, which is primarily a live, interactive men’s experience using a strategic combination of action movie sequences, real world current events, biblical truth and fireteam-sized discussion times with a single, laser-focused objective: To get men talking about what’s really going on in their lives. 

David resides in Sarasota, Florida with his wife, and has five children. In his free time, he loves dates with his wife, writing, and is a voracious reader. He is also a diehard fan of Florida Gator football.

For more visit

We have known David Dusek for several years and watched his ministry Rough Cut Men explode in size, especially his reach into the US Military. David uses a lot of examples of manhood and character from movies (“rough cut” is a film editing term).

Battle-Ready Brotherhood graphic [1890 x 1063 px - 1 MB]
Battle-Ready Brotherhood PowerPoint slide

David Dusek - Battle-Ready Brotherhood

Contact us for the link to view this excellent presentation.
Ph 0800 PROMISE or Paul Monahan 022 5877 402.

Most men have many acquaintances, but no real friends. Because they don’t particularly trust anyone, they are isolated. John 10:10 says our enemy “comes only to steal and kill and destroy”. His strategy is to isolate God’s soldiers and pick off the leaders.

In real-life, an army of tens of thousands is divided up from Divisions, Brigades and so on, ultimately into a core Fireteam of four soldiers. Each man on the Fireteam looks out for one another.

The battle is won at the Fireteam level. It’s all about the brotherhood that’s formed when a team gears up and heads outside the wire: it’s just four men together against the enemy.

Most guys are in the middle of battles that no one knows about. We only trust other men when we spend time together, when we know they have our back and we have theirs. That’s why we need to build “Fireteams” with a few other Christian men.

The war is always raging at our doorstep, and every man needs a battle brother for the fight.

This topic of building a team of men around you who you can rely on (in military terms, trust your life with) zeroes in on men’s real need – genuine friends who have your back spiritually. It will be an excellent opportunity to lead into Men’s Groups at the conclusion of the breakfast.


See promotional video below...



Vince D’Acchioli is the founder and president of On Target Ministries, a Christian outreach to men, pastors, and couples. In the past two decades, Vince’s seminars, workshops and church services have touched the lives of tens of thousands of people across the United States and Canada.

Prior to founding On Target Ministries, Vince served as the Executive Vice President of Every Home for Christ, a worldwide missions ministry with offices in more than 200 countries. During the years leading up to this transition into full-time ministry, Vince functioned as the vice president of a Fortune 500 company involved in retailing, manufacturing, and wholesaling distribution.

Before moving to Colorado Springs in 1991, Vince was an elder and member of the church board at The Church On The Way in Van Nuys, California, pastored by Jack Hayford. [See more]

See promotional video below...

Vince D'Acchioli - Trials to Triumphs

Everyone goes through ups and downs. Sometimes the downs are a really difficult struggle. So how do you transition from trial to triumph?

Vince D’Acchioli will tell us what God revealed to him as Vince’s wife Cindy was near death.

  • Believing when things are difficult
  • What do I need help to let go of, to experience triumph?
  • What lesson is God trying to teach me in my trial?
  • How can I see God’s miracles in my circumstances?
  • What is the secret to life?

Vince D’Acchioli has been married to Cindy for over 50 years. Several years ago Cindy had a medical crisis that put her into intensive care for four months. She was given no hope of recovery by her team of doctors.

In this outstanding message, Vince will share the 6 keys that God gave him in his journey through this dark valley. These keys are foundational and practical, and can be applied in all kinds of life situations.

Cindy made a full recovery but incurred over US $1 million in medical bills.

We first met Vince at a Men’s Ministry conference in Denver. He has many years’ experience of straight talk to men. Vince’s humour and speaking style are always a hit with men.

Trials to Triumphs graphic
[1000 x 562 px 388 KB]

       Church PowerPoint slide

   Trials to Triumphs handout



Aaron Ironside - Living on the Edge:
From surviving to thriving

We are called to live by faith and to know the presence and power of God, but many men are stuck in fear of failure. That fear can cause men to blow up in anger or to shut down in silence.

Pastor and counsellor Aaron Ironside provides powerful keys for exposing the lies that keep us trapped in fear. These life-changing truths will empower men to move from surviving to really thriving!

You can take advantage of having Aaron as a powerful speaker at a men's breakfast you organise in your church.

Although this event has been completed, you can still use the archive as content for your Men's Event. Download it [here]


Living on the Edge logo JPG 1000 x 645 px (488 KB)

Living on the Edge JPG slides from Men's Breakfast



Michael Murphy - Something in the Water:
What's influencing you?

SomethingInTheWaterMichael has been involved in Men’s Ministry for three decades, including launching Christian Men’s Network in Australia on behalf of Dr Edwin Louis Cole. He also served with Pastor Brian Houston in the pioneering of Hillsong. Michael also spoke powerfully at the Promise Keepers Influence 2016 Men's Event in Auckland.

This Livestream breakfast message is your opportunity to have Michael address men in your church or group.

Although this event has been completed, you can still use the archive as content for your Men's Event. Download it [here]


SomethingInThe WaterA5

Something in the Water A5 poster
JPG 1819 x 2551 px (2 MB)
PDF 816 KB



Porn & Pancakes Artwork

Print this A4 size customised placemat for your Porn & Pancakes breakfast

A4 Placemat PDF

A4 Placemat JPG (3MB)

Need help with a porn issue? More info [here]


Porn & Pancakes

This breakfast is straight to the point, honest talk. It revolves around a great speaker and great conversation about issues that are dominating men’s lives. Porn & Pancakes provides the next steps for you to walk away with hope to recover or to help others who are struggling with porn addiction.

Get the men from your church together for a breakfast and watch the PK Livestream broadcast. This message is a great starting point for discussion, prayer and ongoing support.

Porn & Pancakes Promo Video

Watch this short video to see Craig explain what the breakfast message is all about and how it can help every man.



David Murrow - The Map to Manhood


David Murrow cleverly translates the masculine spiritual life into an actual, ink-on-paper map. Then he shows men where to find the map in the New Testament and how to walk its ancient paths today.

Seven questions for captains to ask their men:

1. Tell me about your work.
2. Tell me about your family.
3. What’s something you’re really good at?
4. What’s something that really makes you come alive?
5. What’s the biggest challenge you’re facing right now?
6. If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?
7. Is God actively working in your life now? How?