Leave a Legacy

Leaving a Legacy of Promise

While we know that as Christians we are created for eternity, we also know that our physical body will pass away at the end of this lifetime.

When we make our final farewells, it would be good to be confident that our earthly business was complete. The making of a Will is a very personal matter, and it is important that you consider any implications carefully.

After having made adequate provision for your immediate family, you may give thought to leaving a charitable gift for Promise Keepers NZ.

We all face challenges as Christians in a changing culture. The role of men in particular is being questioned and devalued, but we believe that men have a crucial role in building and sustaining great foundations in NZ society.

Promise Keepers is uniquely positioned to provide the encouragement, inspiration, resources and support needed to strengthen men’s faith and enable them to live out God’s purpose for their lives.

By naming Promise Keepers in your Will now, you are sowing into the health of this nation for future generations going forward.

If You Are About to Make Your Will…

and you would like to include a gift for Promise Keepers, the appropriate wording for inclusion in your Will is:

“I give free of all duties to Promise Keepers Trust the sum of $_________* for the general purposes of the Trust, and I declare that the receipt of the Accountant or other authorised officer shall be sufficient discharge to my Trustee(s) for such a gift.”

*Instead of naming a particular amount in dollar terms, you may wish to substitute a percentage or fraction of your estate,
or leave the residue of your estate (after making provision for family and other concerns) to Promise Keepers Trust.


If You Already Have a Will…

and you would like it altered to include a gift for Promise Keepers, then you can add a codicil to your Will. This is a separate statement but still part of your Will. A codicil would read much like this:

“This codicil dated ____________ is an addition to the Will of me (name in full) of (place of residence). Other provisions contained in my Will are confirmed.
I give to Promise Keepers Trust the sum of $_____________* for the general purposes of the society.”

*Or, as above, you may wish to state a percentage, a fraction or the residue of your estate.

Wills and codicils must be dated, signed and properly witnessed.


It would be a great help to us if you could notify us of your intentions. This would give us a wonderful opportunity to express our appreciation to you personally.

Please print and complete our Leaving a Legacy of Promise form by clicking on the button >>

If you would like to discuss leaving a bequest or donation, or you would like more information, please contact PK on 0800 PROMISE (0800 77 66 47) or +64 9 300 7337.