Set Free – Freedom from Porn

If pornography use is bothering you or someone close to you, it is a problem. Whether you are a dabbler or a full blown pornography addict, porn has a destructive long-term cycle. Across New Zealand, families and marriages are being stressed and destroyed through the widespread use of online pornography. It really can ruin your relationships and your life!

Am I addicted to porn?

There are some comprehensive self-tests available, but these simple signs should be enough to tell you the direction you are heading:

  • Hours, sometimes even days, lost to viewing pornography
  • Anger or irritability if confronted about the nature or extent of porn use
  • Continued porn use, in spite of negative consequences and/or promises made to self or others to stop using porn
  • Reduced or even non-existent interest in sexual, physical and emotional connections with spouses or partners
  • Escalation from two-dimensional porn viewing to use of technology for casual, anonymous or paid-for sexual encounters, whether in person or via webcams

I need to change now. What is the next step?

Like any recovery program, it only really works when you are fully motivated to change your life. Therefore you need to initiate contact and commit to doing the course.


Suggested courses include: 

The Freedom Fight program - Find Freedom from Porn. No matter how long you’ve been using porn or how you’ve tried to get free, Freedom Fight's proven program is for you. It's free and its online.

[Find out more about Freedom Fight]


The Conquer Series lays out the process to permanently stop watching porn with proven strategies and tools that have helped over 2 million men in 100+ nations find lasting freedom. Start your journey to freedom. Get instant access to start watching online today. Monthly subscription fee required.

[Find out more about Conquer Series]


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