Men’s Group Facilitator Guidelines – How to Use a Promise Keepers Study Guide

The Facilitator’s Role

Your role as facilitator of this group is not to lead it yourself, but rather to ensure all group members are involved and participate in discussion and feedback. These notes apply mainly to Open Groups but many principles are also valid for the smaller Closed Men’s Groups.



1.   Start (and finish) on time. This respects everyone’s time. Begin with general conversation over tea/coffee or breakfast.

2.   Welcome the men, particularly anyone new. Draw conversations to a close and be seated (if not already). Ensure that everybody is sitting in a position where they can hear and participate.

3.   Open with prayer. Pray and invite the Holy Spirit into the midst of the group, asking for each person to encounter and hear from God.

4.   Ask a fluent reader to read aloud the Warm Up section.Mens group

5.   Ask a different man to read the Bible verses. If there is a long Bible reading, encourage various men in the group to read a verse each.

6.   Choose another man to read the Background section.

7.   Focus on people, not programs - get to matters of the heart. Invite the men to answer the Questions. As appropriate, ask some of the more quiet ones what they think but be careful not to embarrass anyone.

8.   Keep discussion going, ensuring that no-one speaks for too long. Three simple guidelines for discussions: wait your turn; stay on topic; keep it brief.

9.   Be open and honest. Have some of your own stories ready to use as fillers if necessary. The more vulnerable you are, the more the men in the group will open up. Vulnerability is caught, not taught.

10.  You do not have to fill all the silences with words. Men are processing information. Give them space to do this. Men don’t easily open up about the hurts, pains and frustrations of life, it takes time.

11.  Ask one of the men to read aloud the Consider This section.

12.  Go on to read the Wrap Up section, aloud or individually, as appropriate. (Some Study Guides Only)

13.  My Response as a Promise Keeper (OR What is God Saying to Me?) Ask the men to consider what God is saying to them personally about today’s study, and how they can apply it.

14.  With at least 15 minutes to go, invite the men to divide into groups of three, or four at the most, for processing and praying through the material of the morning. (Suggest 10-12 mins.) Follow the ABCs of prayer: Audible, Brief and Christ-centred.

15.  Real Life Stories are testimonies of God’s awesome power to build your faith! (Some Study Guides only)


Promise Keepers has 9 Study Guides available, from 7-40 studies long.
Each one has been developed specifically to use in Men’s Groups.