Men’s Health: Physical, Mental, Spiritual Wholeness

God has a purpose for you to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever. But what does this look like in everyday life - in our physical health, mental wellbeing, priorities, careers, hobbies, relationships, and more?

Together let's look at areas of health and wellbeing to sustain our mind, body and soul. We'll also identify some stumbling blocks that Jesus wants to help us overcome.

"So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God." 1 Corinthians 10:31.

Managing Stress

Overcoming Stress

Stress can have a big impact on our life. Mind Health Director and Counsellor Richard Black provides three excellent tips for overcoming stress:

  1. Separate the language. Instead of saying something is stressful, rephrase it to say that I'm experiencing a number of pressures at the moment.
  2. Get a better perspective. Studies show it is not the stress but the belief about the stress.
  3. Know the power of what you believe. Rein in your mind and don't let it rule over you.

Watch Richard talk about Overcoming Stress [here]

Understanding and Overcoming Stress by Richard Black

Dealing with Stress in the Workplace

Employment coach Tom O'Neil shares ways to deal with workplace stress.

1. Start well - have a prayerful and positive attitude to the workday ahead.

2. Understand your requirements - talk to your manager and confirm expectations, as well as strategies for achieving them.

3. Establish strong work / life boundaries -  Perhaps not checking emails or answering your phone in the evening.

4. Say No (nicely) - Negotiate priorities and respect others' right to say no.

5. Walk away from conflict - be proactive in avoiding conflict where you can.

6. Most Importantly - Bring God into the situation!

Read the full article [here]


Porn addiction

Am I addicted to porn?
If pornography use is bothering you or someone close to you, it is a problem.

PK's offers help through it's program Set Free – Freedom from Porn

Find help [here] 

Addictive Behaviours including Porn Addiction

Watch counsellor Aaron Ironside share on Being Set Free from Addiction.

What would it feel like to be truly free? Free from compulsive behaviours like overspending, eating too much, drinking to excess or being held in the grip of porn.

Watch the discussion [here] 

Set Free from Addiction

Honest Talk about Porn Addiction

Have you or your friends/relatives struggled with porn affecting your life and relationships?

Watch Craig talk on strategies and tools to deal with porn addiction.

Watch [here] 

Path to Freedom from Pornography

Drug Addiction

Jordan Mclauchlan was a drug addict with a $2,000 a week meth habit. Kidnapped at knifepoint by a gangster, Jordan thought he was going to die. He says, “I found myself praying to God admitting I don’t want to die, and I need help.”

Find out how Jordan Mclauchlan’s life went from being filled with despair to experiencing hope and purpose.

Watch Jordan Mclauchlan’s story [here]

Experiencing Hope, Jordan’s story

Mind Health

Healthy Thinking

Counsellor Aaron Ironside writes, Imagine that you are floating in a canoe on a slow-moving river on a sunny afternoon. Suddenly there is a loud thump on the side of the canoe, and it rolls over. You come up sputtering, and what do you see? Somebody has snuck up on your canoe, flipped it over for a joke and is laughing at you. How do you feel?

Now imagine the exact same situation again: in a canoe, the loud thump, being dumped into the river, coming up sputtering, and what do you see? A large submerged log has drifted downstream and bumped into your canoe. This time, how do you feel?

Read more [here]

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

Struggling with feelings of failure? Concerned about your own mental health or someone else?

Suicide can be prevented. Michael Hempseed will give us tools that we need to help others.
Michael Hempseed (BA Psyc (Hon), Dip. Child Protection) is an experienced speaker who combines the latest research on mental health and suicide with practical tools, insights and pathways to support.

His book, Being A True Hero: Understanding and Preventing Suicide in Your Community, is proving to be a worthwhile book for professionals and for those who have friends that maybe suicidal. His website has more info.

Watch Michael Hempseed’s story [here]

Failure is Not Final, Michael’s story

Truth That Brings Freedom

Counsellor Richard Black says, "You were made for freedom and yet many people continue to struggle in different areas of their life."

Wherever you believe a lie in your life you will find yourself limited and restrained. Negative thoughts, moods and habits will also result. Transformation comes through the renewing of our mind. Learn how to renew your mind and with that to better allow God’s Spirit to transform every aspect of your life.

Richard Black (BA, BD, MCouns, MNZAC) is sought after as a counsellor and communicator. Through his counselling, training, and public speaking he helps people strengthen their thinking, be proactive in relationships, and succeed with life.

Watch Richard Black on lies we believe and redirecting our thoughts [here]

Lies we believe and redirecting our thoughts

Physical Health

Physical Fitness

You are what you eat. Food has a vital role in fuelling your body.

Personal trainer, Rex Braganza shares about living well and body physique. He shared with PK how to Live Well.

Watch his RexFit story [here]

Live Well: Tips from personal trainer Rex Braganza

Cancer diagnosis

Peter Goulter has written an inspiring book on Surviving Trials and being healed from cancer.

Peter Goulter has a tremendous story of being healed of cancer through God’s healing power. His healing from cancer and surviving this trial and others, is the basis of this faith-filled book. Peter has prayed for people and seen the Holy Spirit transform the lives of many through the power of prayer. Peter Goulter is a former PK Board Member and was a Strategist in Men’s Ministry.

Read the free ebook [here]

Find out more [here]

Blessing Yourself and Your Future

"I bless myself in Jesus name, I’m special. I’m unique. I am a gift from God. With me He is well pleased.

May God’s plans for me come to pass. May the giftings and skills He has given me be released to the maximum, so that my full potential is developed.

I pray a blessing on my physical body. I break off any infirmity. I bless physical wellbeing on and into my body...."

Read this Prayer of Blessing for Yourself and Your Future [here]

A Father’s Blessing

"My child, I love you! You are special. You are a gift from God. I thank God for allowing me to be a father to you. I am proud of you and I rejoice over you. And now I bless you.

I bless you with the healing of all wounds of the heart – wounds of rejection, neglect and abuse that you have suffered. In Jesus’ name, I break the power of all cruel and unjust words spoken over you.

I bless you with overflowing peace, the peace that only the Prince of Peace can give...."

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