Blessing Yourself and Your Future

Prayer of Blessing for Yourself and Your Future


I bless myself in Jesus name,


I’m special. I’m unique. I am a gift from God. With me He is well pleased.


May God’s plans for me come to pass. May the giftings and skills He has given me be released to the maximum, so that my full potential is developed. I pray a blessing on my workplace and my influence in that place.


I bless my life with fruitfulness: good fruit, abundant fruit and fruit that remains.


I bless me with success. I’m the head and not the tail; I’m above and not beneath.


I bless myself with prosperity in all things, enabling me to be a blessing to others.


I bless myself with spiritual influence, for I’m the light of the world and the salt of the earth.


I pray a blessing on my mouth to utter what is precious and not what is worthless and to be as the Lord’s mouth (Jeremiah 15.19). To utter words of the prophetic, releasing declarations of God’s specific intentions, releasing an abundance of words in season.


I pray a blessing on my mind that I would have the mind of Christ. To think His thoughts and to be a Holy place where the Holy Spirit is pleased to dwell. May my mind receive words of knowledge, wisdom and revelation.


I bless myself with depth of spiritual understanding and a close walk with my Lord. I will not stumble or falter, for the Word of God will be a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.


I bless myself with abounding and overflowing love, from which I minister God’s grace to others. I will minister God’s comforting grace to others.


I pray a blessing on my physical body. I break off any infirmity. I bless physical wellbeing on and into my body.


I bless myself with the healing of all wounds of the heart – wounds of rejection, neglect and abuse that I have suffered. In Jesus name I break the power of all cruel and unjust words spoken over me.


I pray a blessing on my household and marriage. I pray a blessing of fertility and good health. I pray a blessing of having good friends and that I would find favour with God and man.


I pray a blessing of being good parents in season. To love my children as God loves me – I’m His child. To bless my raising of my children in love and fear of God.


I bless myself with an overflowing peace, the peace that only the Prince of Peace can give.


I am blessed. I’m blessed with all the spiritual blessings found in Christ Jesus.


I receive all that God has for me as His child and through what Jesus has done for me. I am blessed and will grow in the love of God.