Experiencing Hope

Experiencing Hope - Jordan's story.

Jordan Mclauchlan was a drug addict with a $2,000 a week meth habit. Kidnapped at knifepoint by a gangster, Jordan thought he was going to die. He says, “I found myself praying to God admitting I don’t want to die, and I need help.”

Find out how Jordan Mclauchlan’s life went from being filled with despair to experiencing hope and purpose.

Jordan's parents wanted to help their son. They prayed for him everyday. They introduced him to a Christian recovery centre. Months later he decided he needed help and to go to the center.

Today Jordan is clean and sober. He's also a leader in his church, works at the recovery centre and leads a life group called Unexpected Hope. Through this life group, Jordan supports drug addicts and gang members to make positive change in their life, helping people find purpose and hope.

Jordan says, “This is all possible through Jesus who changed my life! All I did was surrender to Him! There is still hope in this world and that hope is found in Jesus!”

Jordan’s gripping story is one of brokenness, redemption, hope and restoration. It reminds us that nothing is impossible for God.

Gather your mates, watch this together and be filled with hope.

Jordan Mclauchlan
Jordan Mclauchlan, former drug addict now helping people find purpose and hope


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