The Father-Heart of God

The Father-Heart of God

Luka Robertson shares on The Father-Heart of God and our identity as a Son of God.

Luka shares his story, including the shock discovery that he was adopted. He reveals his journey of pain, healing, and forgiveness. Central to this healing journey, has been a revelation of Father-God’s deep love for him. From this place of experiencing the Father-Heart of God, Luka imparts identity and hope.

Luka shared this fantastic message at the PK Christchurch Event in 2021. It is best viewed in the company of other men so you can fully benefit from the support and friendship that being together brings.

Also Aaron Ironside's message on Being Connected and Pursuing Friendship is available to watch on the Promise Keepers website [here]. If you are in a group, you may like to watch Luka’s message, share a meal together, then watch Aaron’s message.

Luka Robertson, senior leader of Hope NZ, shares on The Father-Heart of God