Being Connected & Pursuing Friendship

Being Connected and Pursuing Friendship

Aaron Ironside shares insights into how to be connected with others and develop great friendships.

Aaron is a popular speaker and has been involved with PK for over 23 years. He has more than 3000 hours of counselling experience, drawing on his Masters Degree in Psychology, pastoral ministry and his training with Strength to Strength. Since 2019 Aaron has been a chaplain to international crews at the Ports of Auckland. His experience includes 25 years as a broadcaster and stand-up comic.

Aaron shared this fantastic message at the PK Christchurch Event in 2021. It is best viewed in the company of other men so you can fully benefit from the support and friendship that being together brings.

Also Luka Robertson's message on The Father-Heart of God is available to watch on the Promise Keepers website [here]. If you are in a group, you may like to watch Aaron's message, share a meal together, then watch Luka's message.

Aaron Ironside, communicator and counsellor shares insights on connection and friendship