Goal Setting

Reviewing this goal setting material is always helpful for us at Promise Keepers as we look forward. It refreshes what we are doing and helps us to stay sharp and focussed. Fulfilling our vision of Embracing, Encouraging and Empowering Men in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Setting goals that are useful is a simple process but it takes a bit of time and thought. Firstly and extremely importantly is that goals need to be framed in positive terms.
Have a quick think about these questions:
Who owns this goal? Is it you or someone else? This may seem a little silly but when you begin to think about it you may realise that this is what someone else desires not you!
How will life be different if you achieved this goal? The next stage is crucial to think with the end in mind. What does the outcome look like and what do you imagine it will feel like?

The next step is the action or the how:
What needs to be done? How do you know that? Which means you can’t guess. To be effective, near enough is not equivalent to good enough, so do the research. That may mean looking on the internet, talking to someone you know who has already done this or going to the library and finding a book. YouTube has a wealth of information if you are not really a reader. There are clips on YouTube for just about everything you can think of and some you probably haven’t. But be careful out there as there are also things that are not helpful or useful!
What will be the order of the events? Where do you start and what is next and next until the end. Don’t be afraid to go with your gut, what does your intuition and experience tell you about this situation?

Next in the series I will look at SMART goals in particular!

Paul Monahan