Focus on goals

S.M.A.R.T Goals have been around in the business and education fields for a long time, but they are also interesting at a personal level. SMART is just an acronym for a set of characteristics that help us define whether we think that a goal will be useful and effective or not. So each letter stands for a defined characteristic that will add value to our goal as we design it.

So let’s start:
Specific: We need to be very concise and defined about how we frame our goal. This will bring clarity without being long winded.
Measurable: Having a realistic way of measuring that our goals have been achieved is crucial, otherwise we have no viable way of confirming that we completed the goal or how far we have to go.
Achievable: This may seem obvious but it is easy to get so excited about our goals that they become so big and flowery that we have no viable way of completing them. Which ultimately makes them completely unrealistic and in the end they may make us feel good while achieving little.
Reviewable: Markers within a goal are good to just allow us to take stock of where we are at along the way. There are times that we have to be prepared to either change a goal because it is not working well or actually discard it because is not proving useful.
Timed: What is a realistic timeframe for this goal? There may be a need to do some research to get a reasonable timeframe sorted, realising that when you review your goals, you can always adjust the timeframe if it does not happen as you expect.

Key points to know:
• The goals need to be framed in a positive way.
• Consider how you will know you have arrived.
• What does that look like? What would it feel like to have arrived?
• Have a look at your goals with this thought in mind. What evidence do I have that this goal can succeed? Otherwise it is just wishful thinking.
• The more risk the more research is needed!

Give it ago you can always review your goals and if necessary rethink the process! Nothing ventured nothing gained!
Now you have 11 months to work through 2019’s goals.