Achieving Your Vision

Where do I start?

As with going on any journey knowing where you are starting from is vitally important. Unless you have a good idea of where you are departing from you are unlikely to plan well. So when setting goals for achieving your vision you must be able to pinpoint where you are right now. What is your current reality? Some areas maybe okay but some maybe a little disheartening. Remember this is just the stepping off place not your final destination or situation. There is an old adage in addiction recovery which defines fear as "Face Everything And Recover". It is important that we do the same in our self-assessment. If you want help to do this click on the button to download the worksheet or if you can't download it, email and we will email you the pdf.
Having done our reality check it is time to start to explore the alternatives, options and possibilities for us to move towards our vision.
Firstly acknowledge what is working well so far? Where are the gaps in what is happening and where I want to be? What areas do I need to plan in, make goals for? What support can I count on now? What new support do I need to find? What resources do I have? What resources do I need?
If we don’t take these factors into account then our goal setting is more about wishful thinking than seriously making our stepping stones solid and well-spaced going forward. It’s also important to acknowledge on the way that things change and we may need to adjust things. Like any good pathway it is the foundation that will determine its long term efficiency. If you follow these simple questions you will have a very firm foundation to work from with your goal setting.
When you have worked your way through these questions and are ready to move on click here to read about Goal Setting >>