Go 2015 Event Speakers and other information on USB.

Welcome to GO 2015.

This weekend is your opportunity to choose to GO where you have never gone before in God!

God has created a plan for men from the foundation of the earth. He is calling you to be a part of this plan, to enter into the satisfaction and significance of being joined to God’s power and seeing His plans fulfilled.
When God calls us, what does He require from us? He requires obedience. This may mean that we have to leave a place of comfort and complacency, or decide to leave behind some stuff that is holding us back.
We are called to exercise faith to see God’s power released. As you listen to the speakers and panels, watch the slice of life dramas and worship God, you will receive wisdom and courage to GO where you have never gone before.

As we GO, God has promised He will never leave us nor forsake us. In fact He has sent the Holy Spirit to give us power to GO!  As you leave this weekend, GO in His promises and in His power, and you and your legacy will never be the same!

Testimony: Winning the Race – Andrew Stroud
Breaking Limitations – Owen Pomana
Entering the Promises of God – Various
Accelerate Your Faith – Various
Acquiring Wisdom – Various
Panel: Wisdom for Life
Testimony: Power & Wisdom – Andy Bray
Living Courageously – Daniel Walker
The Power of Honour – Andy & Nikki Bray
Panel: Building a Strong Marriage & Family
Shaping Your Legacy – Andy & Nikki Bray
Experiencing God’s Revelation – David Dishroon
Going in God’s Power – Geoff Wiklund
GO! – Gary Colville

Go 2015 Event Audio & files

Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch