1. Tony McKeown – Living in God’s Presence 24-7
2. Danny Guglielmucci – Sons of God
3. Richard Brunton – Father’s Blessing
4. Sy Rogers – Power to Change Your Life
5. Norm McLeod – Authority Released
6. Richard Brunton – Faith in Action
7. Sy Rogers – Redeemed Manhood – Elective 1
8. Sy Rogers – Power of Forgiveness – Elective 2
9. Sy Rogers – Dealing with Strongholds Elective 3
10. Sy Rogers – Keeping Clean in a Dirty World Elective 4
11. Richard Brunton – Commissioning
12. Daz Chettle – Testimony
13. Danny Guglielmucci – Full Throttle Faith
Elective Benny Tan – Making Wise Decisions AKL
Elective Geoff Wiklund – Going Deeper in God AKL
Elective Norm McLeod – Healing & Deliverance AKL
Elective Panel – A Little Bit of Porn AKL
Elective Panel – Happy Wife – Happy Life Panel AKL
Elective Panel – Integrity in a Sex Crazy World AKL
Elective Panel – Mentoring the Next Generation AKL
Elective Paul Monahan, Luka Robertson, John Subritzky – Who’s Got Your Back AKL
Elective Paul Subritzky, Richard Black – Live Well Live Long AKL
Elective Peter Goulter – Grandparenting in the Third Age AKL
Elective Peter Goulter – Money Money Money AKL
Elective Peter Goulter, Paul Monahan – Surviving Trials AKL
Elective Richard Black – Attitude Determines Altitude AKL
Elective Richard Brunton – Awesome Power of Blessing AKL
Elective Tony Crawford – Worship AKL
Elective Tony McKeown – Who’s in Charge AKL
Elective Tony McKeown, Daz Chettle – Holding on to Hope AKL
Elective Tony McKeown, Daz Chettle – Spiritual Strength AKL
Elective Tony McKeown, Myan Subrayan – Launching Your Career AKL