Powerful audio messages to inspire you from the PK Legacy 2018 Men’s Event in Auckland. Many bonus audios, including dramas and extra Electives.

Friday Night
Vince D’Acchioli – Checking Your Mirrors
Daz Chettle – Ultimate Destination

Saturday Morning 
Seth Fawcet – Cruise Control: Staying the Course
Aaron Ironside – Ride in the Power Band

Saturday Afternoon
Elective 1 Understanding Differences Between Men & Women – Vince D’Acchioli
Elective 2 Four Pillars of Leadership – Vince D’Acchioli
Elective 3 Fathering and Family – Aaron Ironside & Aaron More
Elective 4 Powered by the Holy Spirit – Geoff Wiklund & Daz Chettle

Saturday Evening
Eroni Clarke – The Power of Legacy
Vince D’Acchioli – Legacy: Fuelled to the End