Excellent messages to inspire you from the PK Courage 2019 Men’s Event in Christchurch. Includes bonus content including extra Elective audios. USB contains Audio MP3s only.

Friday Night

Peter Meafou – Authentic Christian Manhood


Saturday Morning

Mick Duncan – Being Courageous in the Face of Adversity

Richard Black – Growing Stronger


Saturday Afternoon

Elective 1 Sex and Intimacy – Richard Black

Elective 2 Strengthening Couples – Richard Black

Elective 3 Mind Health for Parents – Richard Black

Mike Hawke – Living the Life Jesus Has For You


Bonus audios
Israel Pilgrimages – Mike Hawke

Becoming An Alongsider – Mick Duncan

Dealing with Dark Times – Mick Duncan

Understanding and Preventing Suicide – Michael Hempseed

Determined to Succeed: Grit, Passion and God – Bev Monahan

The Authentic Christian Life – Dave Firth

Living a Life Worth Repeating – David Dusek

David Dusek – Living the Life Jesus Has For You – PK AKL

Wayne Poutoa – Living the Life Jesus Has For You – PK WLG

Peter Meafou – Winning at Life and Relationships – PK WLG

Spiritual Strength – Peter Meafou

Making Your Adventure Count – Wayne Poutoa

Preparing for Retirement – Peter Goulter

Leadership Development – Roger Earp

Healing – Seth Fawcet

Walking in the Anointing – Seth Fawcet

Ministry to Widows and Solos – Mike Towns and John Subritzky

Trials and Testimonies – Peter Goulter and Paul Klenner