Excellent messages to inspire you from the PK Courage 2019 Men’s Event in Auckland. Includes bonus content including extra Elective audios. USB contains Video MP4s and Audio MP3s.

Friday Night

David Dusek – Authentic Christian Manhood

Saturday Morning

Mick Duncan – Being Courageous in the Face of Adversity

Richard Black – Growing Stronger

Saturday Afternoon

Elective 1 Living a Life Worth Repeating – David Dusek

Elective 2 Strengthening Couples – Richard Black

Elective 3 Mind Health for Parents – Richard Black

David Dusek – Living the Life Jesus Has For You

Bonus Elective video & audio content

Sex and Intimacy – Richard Black

Becoming an Alongsider – Mick Duncan

Dealing with Dark Times – Mick Duncan

Healing – Geoff Wiklund

Trials and Testimonies – Peter Goulter and Paul Klenner

Determined to Succeed: Grit, Passion and God – Bev Monahan

Understanding and Preventing Suicide – Michael Hempseed

Other bonus videos & audios

Mike Hawke – Living the Life Jesus Has For You – PK CHC Event

Wayne Poutoa – Living the Life Jesus Has For You – PK WLG Event

Bonus audio content

The Authentic Christian Life – Dave Firth

Preparing for Retirement – Peter Goulter

Leadership Development – Roger Earp

Peter Meafou – Authentic Christian Manhood – PK WLG Event