Join the Group Leaders Discussion

Thank you to those who participated in the group leaders zoom meeting last week on Wednesday. It was a useful and productive time of sharing information about what is going on in our regions with our group activity. We also had some laughs and group fellowship which is always encouraging.

We are going to offer the same process again on Wednesday 1 September at 11am. Hopefully more of you can spare the time to join in for a while as it would be great to have your input.

Although this has been set up to help during COVID; we see this as the forerunner of a regular monthly meeting in the evening going forward. This will allow us to share ongoing information, great ideas, and problems that you might need help with. We hope to start these monthly group leaders zoom meetings in September. We will be in touch with further information.

Zoom Group Leaders Forum Wednesday 1 September at 11am

Sign up by contacting PK [here]