A Time to Dream

Thank you to the men who have attended our weekday devotion zoom group over the last week and a half. These have been very well received and highly appreciated by those taking part. We have chosen devotion topics that probably require more time to think about, which Level 3 and 4 lockdowns have afforded us.

With that in mind we have the new topic “A Time to Dream”.  I hope this will encourage us, no matter what age we are, to dream further about what we could do for the Kingdom of God.

Starting Friday 3 September , we will start our Zoom at 7am not 8am. This new series will continue at 7am on weekdays until Friday 10 September.

If you haven’t attended the Zoom men’s group yet, I invite you and encourage you to give it a go.

Zoom men’s group – Join the discussion, NEW TIME 7am! weekdays.

Sign up by contacting PK [here]


Paul Monahan