Is it time to hit the reset button?

There is an old saying that “every cloud has a silver lining” which loosely translated means that there is some good in every situation. Our present situation is no different. There are opportunities in lockdown to take time aside with God that we would not have in our normal busy life.

So, with that in mind we are inviting you to take time out to ponder a devotion and then join us on Zoom to unpack the devotion beyond what the single application question does. The more people who participate, the more potential for your revelation to be expanded. I encourage you to take this opportunity. Who knows, you could be the key to someone else’s revelation.

Please come prepared having read that day's devotion. I have chosen these devotions because they fit our situation very well. Join us 8am weekdays on Zoom as we ask, is it time to hit the reset button?

Zoom men’s group – Join the discussion, 8am weekdays, starting Wednesday 25 August.

Sign up by contacting PK [here]