Group Leaders’ Discussion Forum on Zoom

Invitation to Group Leaders’ Discussion Forum on Zoom

It is interesting how a different situation can cause you to act on something you have been considering for a while. Our organisation is a network, but it can only truly operate as a network if it has regular two-way communication. This has prompted me to establish an online group to help us work together to make our group development and facilitation better.

This could be quite important during this lockdown time with groups a bit more disjointed unless they have moved to Zoom. Your presence will be a strengthening factor in this process so please join me on Zoom.

The adage of “TEAM” being “Together Each Achieves More” is a very true statement. In this case we can swap ideas and ways of doing things better with groups.

Zoom Group Leaders Forum – Join the discussion, 11am Wednesday 25 August and 1 September

Sign up by contacting PK [here]