How History Can Inform Our Present

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I was reading an article online which was about history informing our present. In this case how, Winston Churchill used his knowledge of history to inform his wartime choices. I smile because we have history with COVID-19 and lockdowns that we can and probably should use to inform our present. We know that eventually we will come out the other side. We have developed some learning that can inform our choices positively. We will survive this, and normality will return. There are some cautions however, if we eat too much, we can develop the unfortunate phenomena of “COVID kilos.” Easy to put on but can take a while to shed later!


With PK Office being based in Auckland it is fair to say we have had a little more lockdown experience than the rest of the country. That has meant over the last week we have had to consider how we respond to the situation and help you stay connected.


This is our ongoing PK Support Programme for the current lockdown:

Firstly, we are proposing to use some of the latest WiseChoices devotions series and make it available to all so that we all get daily encouragement in this difficult time. Further to that we are going to schedule a Zoom meeting at 8am on weekdays, starting this Wednesday for those who are interested in exploring the devotion a little further with others.


Secondly, we are going to go back to the two per week emails as we have had in the previous longer nationwide lockdowns. On Thursdays we are hoping to have emails by speakers who were presenting electives at Christchurch or Auckland Events on their speciality topic. Therefore, bringing you some different voices and teaching.


Thirdly, in line with our present situation starting this Wednesdays at 11am we will hold a Zoom meeting for interested Group Leaders around the country. We will explore ideas about how we can best support ourselves, each other, and the men in our groups through our current COVID situation.


We have decided that given our circumstances, much like they were last year in August for Aucklanders, we have no option other than to cancel the PK Connected Auckland Event for 2021. This has been done with much regret as we had put a significant amount of time and money into the process already.


Lastly, we felt it was important to put an appropriate previous event on PK’s YouTube and Vimeo Channels for those who have the time to watch. The PK Courage 2019 Auckland Event would seem to be fitting for our current situation. This was an amazing event with speakers David Dusek from the USA, Mick Duncan, and Richard Black from New Zealand. We are proud to be able to share this event with you. Even if you saw the event in either Wellington or Christchurch, each event develops its own personality. David Dusek was only at the Auckland Event and spoke twice from mainstage. There are also some elective videos so please we encourage you to take advantage of the offer.

[Watch the PK Event Videos on PK's YouTube Channel here] or

[Watch PK Event Videos on PK's Vimeo Channel here (ad-free)]


We will give you more details of the ongoing plans we have as we continue the process of descending through the alert levels. Then we should know better how we can support you going forward. I will finish with a quote from Winston Churchill; “The future is unknowable, but the past should give us hope.”


Blessings to you and yours,

Paul Monahan


Watch PK Courage Event Videos:


Courage in the Face of Adversity – Mick Duncan

Growing Stronger – Richard Black

S*x and Intimacy – Richard Black

Authentic Christian Manhood – David Dusek