From Addiction to Freedom

What does real transformation in men’s lives look like to you?

I have been on a week by week journey with six men who are dealing with porn addiction. We were strangers nine weeks ago. Inspired by the Promise Keepers Porn & Pancakes breakfast, these men decided to take the next step and do the Conquer series.

Our Conquer group has understood from the outset that it is only these kinds of vital relationships that are going to break isolation, fear, guilt and shame in their lives. As they have gained tools, and honestly pursued authentic and real connection with other men, they have come to understand that through the power of God, applied knowledge, and committed relationships they can overcome all that the enemy will throw at them. They have left no man behind; all who started the group are still in the group. One day at a time they are overcoming their pornography issues.

These are men who are positively affecting everyone in their circle of influence, all because they choose to do so. They are becoming part of the solution not part of the problem, because their desire is to support and help others when their own problem has become stable.

The group has been so impacted by the Conquer course and the new friendships, that we are repeating the course together. This time the goal is less for personal freedom and more to train in how to lead new groups with other men.

I have seen the PK vision statement, “Transforming Ordinary Guys into Extraordinary Men,” become a reality in these men’s lives.

Paul Monahan