Transforming men – one sticker at a time!

Men participating in Promise Keepers Events have been inspired to form Men’s Groups. Thousands have started as a result. Men need the fellowship and trust of other men with whom they can process life from a biblical perspective.

For many years Promise Keepers promoted a very in-your-face car sticker, “I love my wife”. Several years ago after our Friday morning Men’s Group meeting a member of our group noticed three of these stickers on three separate cars as he walked through the carpark. He was sitting on a secret that he had made a decision to leave his wife that week. God encountered him via these stickers and there on the spot he made a decision to give it one more go. The next week he shared this encounter with the group. His marriage is still together and the men pray regularly for his marriage and his wife’s salvation.

The power of a Men’s Group has recently become very real for me personally. I am currently facing a season of serious trial in my health. To build faith and provide support I started a weekly mid-week prayer meeting. The attendees were primarily friends and men from my Friday morning open group which I have been part of for 14 years. While I get prayer on a Friday from the group I also get further support from these guys mid-week as they stand with me in this time of trial.

This is just one example of how men will not only help one another practically but also stand with a brother spiritually.

Peter Goulter