An “Accidental” Christian

Samuel is an “accidental” Christian. He came to Promise Keepers through the tenacity of his Group Leader. What was an accidental response to an altar call has become the foundation to a new life.

Last year on our Men’s Ministry trip to the South Island, we caught up with Samuel. He had just travelled 145 km from Twizel to Oamaru. I admired the commitment of a man travelling three and a half hours for a one hour discussion, even if he did get a free cup of coffee for his trouble!

Samuel told us his testimony of how got saved at Promise Keepers Christchurch Event in 2010. These are his wife’s words written just after the Event to describe his conversion experience.

“My husband had agreed to go to Promise Keepers several months ago and when faced with the reality this past week and various other commitments, he thought that he would not go this time. I prayed to God that if this is right, He had to pull off a miracle. Well basically money was an issue. He has had no work for a while but has been painting at home (that is his trade). On Thursday he had a phone call from our church treasurer and they had a cheque for him. First miracle. However in all the mix up he had not registered. He thought that this was a loophole to get out! Wrong - they got him registered.

So he left on Friday and I have to say that it was not on the best of terms either. He told me a story when he got back. After the Saturday session they had gone out to get dinner. On arriving late back to PK they found that time had run on about 20 mins. He said to me that for some reason he had gravitated toward the middle door to the main room and found it locked, as it was for PK organisers. The rest of his party had gone to the first door, so he headed over to that door but it was locked! So... he had to go for the end door. He arrived to find himself stuck in a queue and he [didn’t know the] reason why. As they got closer to the stage he realised it was a call from the [speaker] to come to Christ. He said that he did not want to be there, but somehow there he was, and on Saturday the 14th of August he gave his life to Jesus.

He is very fragile and emotional today but for the first time in 13 years of marriage we are on the same page of the same book and there are now three of us in our marriage. Thank you Promise Keepers.”  Dawn

Later Dawn shared, “Samuel has every day gone from strength to strength and he has even challenged me on some of my own thoughts. God really touched him in a deep and profound way and he has put the benchmark higher for me (which is not a bad thing).”

As Samuel related his story to us in Oamaru I was so encouraged to see this vibrant Christian man - committed, enthusiastic and proactive. Samuel has attended PK every year since his salvation experience and he is also the PK Group Leader for his church.

Six years on, he is working with others to expand the kingdom of God.

Paul Monahan