Advancing Forward with Courage

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How do we advance forward in times of uncertainty and chaos? When there is noise from all sides on how to live, what to believe, and what’s morally wrong is now normal. Reconciling all these areas is one thing, but it takes courage to move forward in what you believe God is asking you to do.


You might be at the crossroads of a career change or personal change, considering a promotion which means more responsibility, considering a business deal that increases the risks to your current business, or worse you’re asking yourself if you should stay or leave a marriage for whatever reason.


Yes, we need to seek wisdom, have that inner peace from the Lord, and be in unity with your spouse, business partners, or whoever your accountability partners are. They call this ‘lining up our ducks’ before we press ‘go’. At this point, we need courage to move forward.


God has given us some courageous examples to learn from.


Take Joshua – he was born a slave, his father and grandfather were slaves. He witnessed God’s miracles, signs and wonders. He had a deep faith and trust in God, and was ultimately promoted from assistant to leading a nation across a three-kilometre river to the promised land. God didn’t tell him just to have courage, but He said, “be very courageous”.


What about Esther – an orphan Jew, through a series of events, became the queen of Persia, and that took courage. But the ultimate courage was needed when there was a plot to annihilate all the Jews. In a life-or-death situation, Esther broke the law by approaching the king and invited him and his prime minister Haman to a banquet she organised. At the banquet, Esther exposed Haman’s plot to kill all the Jews, and the king ordered Haman to be hung.


Then there was David – at the approximate age of 15, the youngest in the family, against all odds and expectations, with his perfected skills in slinging stones, he killed Goliath. This act of bravery and courage accelerated his prominence during King Saul’s reign.


The list is long of people in the Bible who took great courage in fulfilling God’s purpose. They had a deep trust in God, that His intentions are always good.


So, if you are sitting at the crossroads and deciding which way to go, what to do, or to simply give a Yes or a No, do what Esther did and invite others to fast and pray that; (i) you will make the right decision, and (ii) for our Heavenly Father to grant you favour.


Do what David did – a simple shepherd’s boy, who offered the only tools he had to slay the giant enemy. Sometimes we overlook the answer the Lord has already placed in our hands, and what we need is to, “Be of good courage, And he shall strengthen your heart, All you who hope in the Lord” (Psalm 31:24).


And finally, take a leaf from Joshua’s book, and listen to God’s voice telling you to, “Only be strong and very courageous, that you may observe to do according to all the law which Moses My servant commanded you; do not turn from it to the right hand or to the left, that you may prosper wherever you go” (Joshua 1:7).


Be courageous, and advance forward as the Lord is always with you.


In His richest blessings,

Frank Po Ching