You Are On The Team

Working together as the body of Christ - 

When I first became a Christian there was a lot of talk about “Body Ministry” which I thought was a very odd concept. What does that mean I wondered? I learned later that it is about ministering to the Body of Christ, the wider Christian community. I now think that is precisely what PK is about - at one level we work through churches, while ministering to individuals, couples and families at another level. Obviously that makes the task well beyond what we can achieve in and from the PK office. So then “Body Ministry” takes on a new meaning of the “Body of Christ ministering to the Body of Christ”.

We can write encouraging faith-filled emails but if you receive your PK email and it stays in your inbox without being forwarded to a friend, it does not have the fullest effect. I have a friend who as soon as he gets his PK email he sends it on to his friends in South Africa where they don’t have PK. If you read an email and think your friend would like this or it could help them or encourage them, then it’s easy to send it on so others are blessed. The sharing of resources is a crucial part of developing the effectiveness of this ministry and you play a vital role. It can be organising a group to go to an event, gathering men to watch an online breakfast, sharing a WiseChoices daily devotion [find out how you can subscribe here] or an email that particularly appealed to you and could bless someone else.

The diversity of the Body of Christ means that we are always looking for new ways to build upon services we already provide to better serve the wider body. A great example of this is our regular Online Breakfasts that have been running for five years now. Our next one will be on Saturday 17 October with Mick Duncan entitled; “Where is God When the Going Gets Tough?” Mick has a wonderful gift of unpacking difficult questions through testimony and his ability to explain theological knowledge in simple everyday terms. I am personally looking forward to spending that Saturday morning with Mick on a topic that is so relevant to our experiences this year. For many this could breathe life into a current difficult situation. Do you know someone who this would help? Could you invite them to share a simple breakfast with you and watch the online event? Maybe your men’s group could gather for some fellowship at your church and watch it together, find out more [here]. Sign up today [here]. This is too good an opportunity to waste!

My challenge to you is to always be looking for ways to expand the Kingdom of God. If we at the PK office can support you in this process we will! As the Bible says in Matthew 6:33, But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Where can you take up the baton and do some sharing of your own? If you have any new ideas that you think might work come back to us by replying to this email. It would be great to hear from you. Together we are the Body of Christ!

Paul Monahan

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