Unexpected Changes and Challenges

This year has been an unexpected year of change and in some ways growth. COVID-19 has adversely affected most of us this year.
I’m reminded about an article Pastor Gary Colville recently wrote for PK’s WiseChoices about Seasons of Life. [You can read Gary’s excellent article here.] He suggests that winter is a time where trees grow new rings that build new resilience and strength in the tree. I believe we have grown as an organisation in reliance on God as well in the areas of resilience and inner strength. This COVID-19 period in many ways has been a winter season for us at PK especially financially where we have had to deal with significant financial hardship.

Events are an important part of what PK does and the cancellation of two main events and the postponement of others has resulted in a $40,000 deficit. This was incurred preparing for and promoting the events, with few ways of recouping the money upon cancellation or postponement.

We are asking whether you are in a position to consider assisting PK financially at this time.

God is good and PK is still solvent, but you can appreciate that a cash loss of this magnitude is a difficult hole to climb out of. Any assistance you can give at this time would be appreciated.

The team is really encouraged by the ongoing support of so many of our financial partners who underpin this ministry. This appeal recognises the vital role of regular donors and is especially asking others whether they are able to step in at this time.

Find out more [here].

Thank you so much for considering this!


Paul Monahan


PK encourages men to come out of isolation, deal with life issues, grow spiritually and find their identity as sons of God. We do this by bringing men together in groups and at events. We also provide tools and resources for individual men. This empowers men to build authentic friendships, enjoy peace and wholeness, and gives them the strength they need for today and hope for tomorrow.


Why people value PK:

What I love about PK is it’s there to support men. The PK team, the PK supporters, you are changing men’s lives in ways you may never see, or hear about in this life, but God knows and us New Zealand blokes need PK. – Anton

I am donating towards PK Momentum so that other men can benefit from this important investment into men and their families. Thank you for your commitment to PK and men in New Zealand. – Dave

Thanks and may God richly bless all of you for your ongoing investment in the faith and lives of our men. – Daniel

Thank you all for your dedication and commitment to this very necessary and essential ministry. – Barry

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