What does 2021 look like for me?

2021 sounds like the title of a suspense or dramatic futuristic novel, but 2021 is the New Year before us.

How can we begin to think or imagine what 2021 could hold for us when we reflect back on the reality of 2020? For some 2020 was the first year of significant strife in their life. A restriction on personal freedom, reduced income or income totally lost, careers impacted, education stalled, capital investment lost, plans cancelled, dreams lost, deposits lost, health impacted as traditional health monitoring services or surgeries were put on hold, new frictions in family relationships and the list goes on. 2020 was an extraordinary year of events around the globe including the COVID pandemic, the call for racial equality, and greater awareness of our environment. Governments were struggling to navigate these and the reality is no one was left unaffected by the world COVID event. The consequences of 2020 will flow into 2021 and maybe beyond.

The changes resulting from COVID are still working their way out into a new normality of life. Some people have relocated to a new lifestyle. Some people have changed how they work. Some have changed their recreation and holiday activities. Transport choices have changed and public transport maybe in for a total revamp. Will city commercial centers ever recover to their former glory? Property investment will change as businesses re-engineer how they operate. Retail has changed as consumers change the way they source supplies.

So what about 2021? On 1 January many people make resolutions for change in the year before them. Unfortunately many resolutions are unrealistic which often does more damage than is helpful.

So before you make any resolutions for 2021, maybe you need to be realistic and to answer the question “How am I after 2020?” Maybe 2021 should be a year to provide time to adjust and heal from the changes you experienced in 2020. There is a chance that 2021 could be a year of greater or more impacting changes than what was experienced in 2020. So resting and building resilience maybe more the focal point.

2021 could be the year to put finishing touches to changes you have had to make in 2020 or to rebuild or recover what was totally or partially lost. If events of 2020 have identified friction or weakness in your marriage or relationship with your children, then maybe this is the priority for 2021.

To process change or healing in 2021 perhaps you have to be intentional in joining community. This could include regular weekly church attendance and maybe joining a men’s group. My experience shows me to do life well we need the wisdom of others which can realistically only be found in some form of community. Maybe you could do a marriage enrichment course? Ask yourself what other course could I do to build understanding and healing for myself and those around me?

For me the best wisdom is found in the Bible – the living Word. Maybe committing to a daily Bible reading plan or daily devotional will be part of your restoration and development process.

Jesus came as a servant, therefore to be a disciple or follower of Christ we need to be serving. Serving also brings about meaningful community and healing. So what area of service can you commit to in the Church or wider community?

As you head into 2021, maybe a reset of the basic disciplines of your life is required; or an investment in your personal healing; or the building of resilience could be your aim. 2021 could be a period of more uncertain times so realistically is the resolution for 2021 “rebuild and be prepared?”

Peter Goulter

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