The Stunning Impact of Jesus’ Sacrifice

Jesus died on a cross, Good Friday, Father forgive them,

For the first 300 years of Christian history, Christians used to celebrate Jesus’ Last Supper, His death, and His Resurrection as one event on the same evening of what was the Last Supper. For the disciples that Last Supper told the story about everything that was to unfold. THEN IT HAPENNED! What a stunning impact on their lives. In the 4th Century this practice was changed to three days in the hope that people would find a deeper significance with each aspect of Easter being celebrated separately.


In this reflection we are looking at what is called, ‘Good Friday’.


It is a strange concept to call it ‘Good’. The reality is that there was nothing good about how humans behaved that day. Persuaded by a bunch of envious, jealous religious leaders who felt threatened by Jesus’ ability to challenge everything they thought and practiced, and because His supernatural power to heal, raise the dead and do miracles made them look somewhat less than they thought of themselves.


People, driven by these dysfunctional leaders, rose up in an emotional surge to kill Jesus, who even then prayed for them saying, “Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34).


If you and I had been there we would have been stunned by cataclysmic events that accompanied Jesus’ death. The sun disappeared; daylight went dark (Luke 23:44-45). The incredibly 90mm-thick by 18.2-metre-high by 9.2-metre-wide curtain tore in two from top to bottom. An earthquake hit so violently that it split rocks. Tombs broke open and many holy people were raised and came out of the tombs. They hung around there until after Jesus’ Resurrection and visited many people. (Matt 27:50-54.) (I wonder what they said?)


It seems shocking, but Jesus knew He would face, deceit, hatred, violence, betrayals, denials and death on the cross (Isaiah 53, Ps 22, Zech 12:10 and Matt 20:17-19). He took the punishment when we deserved it.


He destroyed the wall of hostility between us and God (Eph 2:13-14). He stayed the course for a carefully planned purpose.


That purpose: - To rescue you and I, once we are willing to admit to, and turn away from our life of wrongdoing (which He named sin). Get into a relationship with Himself, the Father and the Spirit of God who will in turn help you and I to walk His walk, talk His talk and operate in the same supernatural way He did. We will then know the certainty of eternity with the Father, Son and Spirit and each other. (1 Pet 3:18).


Jesus, by example and words, showed the powerful love of God. His example of a relationship full of communication with the Father God, totally destroyed the idea of a distant or even harsh God who is disconnected from us. His message can make us feel exposed, threatened and uncomfortable but His desire is that we will not feel that way.


If you are His real follower, intellectual acceptance of His Sacrifice is not enough. Scripture makes it clear that it must reverberate in every part of your thinking, words, actions, spiritual gifts, in fact in every aspect of your life. The impact on me, is the full and deeply satisfying journey I have serving Him.


So, are you going to do what He asks in response to His Sacrifice?


Bless you

Gary Colville