A Big Decision

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Heaven? Or hell? You decide

by Stephen Whitwell.


“The horrible truth about hell is this; when you have spent three trillion years in the agony of hell, you will not have reduced by one second the amount of time you have left. That is the fate of everyone who dies without trusting in the forgiveness of Jesus Christ. (From Lamplighter Magazine Mar/Apr 2024).


When I read that yesterday, I shuddered. Hell is a real place, it is not some temporary, slightly inconvenient place of fun and frivolity. People make fun of it and joke about it. But it is no laughing matter. Hell is the very real, forever place to which those who have rejected, or failed to accept, or have not believed in Jesus and had their sins forgiven, will go.


I am well aware that Jesus lived, was crucified, died, was buried, but rose again, to deliver me from hell, and qualify me for Heaven. I totally deserve to be outside of God’s grace and glorious presence forever, just like every one of you. There’s nothing, absolutely nothing you or I have, can or could do which would be good enough, righteous enough, high enough to appease God the Father’s judgement against my sin.


So every Easter I am jolted in my heart when I think that without the Cross of Jesus and His glorious resurrection, I would be going to that place of forever and constant torment. But, hallelujah! I remember the day fifty plus years ago, as a teenager, weeping my way to the Cross of Jesus, and crying out to Him to forgive me of my sins, to wash and cleanse my heart, and I invited Him to come and live in me on that day.


Every Easter I think about these facts. God loves me. He really does. He loves me so much, that He didn’t want to spend eternity without me there with Him. So He sent His Son, His only Son, Jesus Christ, to the earth, to live a sinless life, yet be crucified and die, taking on Himself all my sin, and all yours too.


The wonderful truth about heaven is this; when we've spent three trillion years in the absolute peace, bliss, and wonder of heaven, where there are no tears, no pain, no sickness, no suffering, no sorrow, no war, no conflict, we will not have reduced by one second the amount of time we have left.


God loved. Jesus came. He died and rose again! Now we can choose to receive the forgiveness He paid for with His life.


It’s a big decision. There’s a lot at stake. Heaven or hell. It’s that clear.


“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16 (NKJV).


Choose Jesus. Escape hell. Before it’s too late. Live with Him in Heaven, forever. And ever!


That's the privilege and the glorious peace everyone will enjoy, who has accepted and received the forgiveness offered by believing in Jesus Christ.


Every Easter the story of Christ’s crucifixion, death, burial, resurrection and ascension, is faithfully told in services all across the country. I’m reminded again of the wisdom of choosing Jesus. Because rejecting Jesus = hell. Receiving Jesus = Heaven!


Tell everyone.


Many blessings,

Stephen Whitwell

Stephen Whitwell is a Tauranga based author of Heart Attack – Seven Lessons From A Near-Death Experience. Finishing Well – How To Complete Your Course and Leave a Legacy

Stephen Whitwell is a writer, speaker and connector who served as an Elim Pastor for 33 years. He writes a monthly e-letter Brief Word which circulates worldwide. His published books include Heart Attack – Seven Lessons From A Near-Death Experience, and Finishing Well – How To Complete Your Course and Leave a Legacy. Stephen and his wife Wendy lead the C3 Seniors group at C3 Church, Tauranga. To find out more about Stephen see www.goodwords.nz