The Power of Influence

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by Stephen Whitwell - It’s been said that leadership is influence. So is being a man, a husband and a father. Influence is things like reputation, character, esteem, imprint, and sway. All of us are having an influence in someone’s life like that. We are all influencers.


But here’s the thing (and I believe this wholeheartedly). The behaviour of the man is the blessing of the family.


We may grow to have influence and authority in our work and career, but the place where we have the greatest influence, is in the home. But sadly, that’s where we sometimes drop the ball, and become a bad influence on those we live with.


I love these six words. Strong men. Resilient families. Better communities. [From PK’s website here].


I see a progression there. We become a strong man in our walk with the Lord by being faithful to Him, receiving all He’s done for us, by allowing Him to shape and mould us, by walking close to Him every moment, and by being a great worker. That builds resilient families. (And if there’s ever a time when we need our families to be resilient, it is now!). And then, resilient families will build better communities. That’s the power of influence.


Influence can be positive or negative. King David enquired to the Lord because there was a famine in the land. The Lord says to him that it is because of Saul and his bloodthirsty house. David put things right, and the Lord heeded the prayer for the land. (See 1 Samuel 21).


Such was Saul’s influence, that it had an effect – a negative one – on a nation even after he had died.


In my Bible readings lately I’ve been reading about the kings of Judah. It is amazing really, as some of them were good, very good in some cases, some were not so good, and some were just very bad. But the surprising thing is I found that even some of the kings we know as good kings, actually did not finish that well. They may have lived well, even served the Lord, but at the end of their life they messed up.


We could say that of Solomon, who did not finish well. (See 2 Kings 11). We could say that of Asa, who did not finish well. (See 2 Chronicles 16). And even the great king Josiah, who is perhaps known and the greatest king of Judah, did not finish well. (See 2 Chronicles 35).


They had significant influence for most of their lives, but, well, the end of their lives is not a good example. It’s sad really because their influence was mostly very good. And I’m not belittling that. However, their behaviour at the end of their lives seems to taint their reputation.


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I for one, want to remain faithful to the Lord all my days even to the very end. So that my life’s influence can be a good one all my days.


Influence. It’s a powerful thing both for good and for not so good.


Remember the statement at the top of this? The behaviour of the man is the blessing of the family. And blessed (strong, resilient, Godly) families influence communities for the better.


You and I can be a community changer. How? By becoming a strong man. How do we become a strong man? By being a man of God. A man of the Bible. A man of prayer. A man of his word. A family man, a fellowshipping man.


And a man living his life of Godliness, strength, and influence in his family and in his community.


Many blessings

Stephen Whitwell


Stephen Whitwell is a Tauranga based author of Heart Attack – Seven Lessons From A Near-Death Experience. Finishing Well – How To Complete Your Course and Leave a Legacy

Stephen Whitwell is a writer, speaker and connector who served as an Elim Pastor for 33 years. He writes a monthly e-letter Brief Word which circulates worldwide. His published books include Heart Attack – Seven Lessons From A Near-Death Experience, and his ninth book, Finishing Well – How To Complete Your Course and Leave a Legacy was launched last year. Stephen and his wife Wendy lead the C3 Seniors group at C3 Church, Tauranga. To find out more about Stephen see