Step Into Your Future With Confidence

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Every Step We Take, God Is With Us - 


How significant is it, to be ready to shift your sight from the season you are in, onto one not yet within the grasp of your reality?


Proverbs 16:9 says, “A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.” It is wise and prudent to make plans to fulfil the vision, but for the Lord to confirm the plan in accordance with His will. Why? Because He sees into the season ahead, and He sees where the enemy would lay a snare in our hearts to derail us from fulfilling His purpose.


Consider a few of these incredible events of transitioning from one season or one period into another. Through all and in all, God’s masterful signature of faithfulness, grace, love, and His presence were so evident we can only marvel at His greatness.


Noah’s Ark, a vessel built specifically to transition God’s chosen into a new beginning. There was incredible hope, faith, trust, and obedience in God’s calling into a new beginning. Noah did not listen to the popular opinion, public ridicule, or the nay sayer, but he stayed focused on God’s leading. In the end, he landed exactly where God destined him to land.


Abraham, with whom God made a covenant with; one of grace, enduring promises, and sacrifice. The very burden of the covenant, not placed on Abraham in accordance with the customs of the day, but God Himself, putting not Isaac on the altar, but His own son Jesus, to fulfil His ultimate plan of salvation for mankind.


Moses became God’s mouthpiece to separate His chosen people away from the oppressor. The crossing at the Jordan River, was symbolic to that of rising out of the water, thus leaving the old things under water. Joshua was also symbolic of what is yet to come, by leading God’s people into a new beginning.


Jesus fulfils the prophesies of His birth to His resurrection. It is the ultimate story of new beginnings, a scene that was set at the very start of creation, at the fall of the first Adam.


The power of the cross: Jesus defeated death and sin, opening the way to salvation to all who believe in Him, the ultimate prize of obedience – eternal life.


God is a loving Father, and He cares about every plan we make, and every step we take. In His ultimate divine power and plan, He created us to walk into the promises He already holds for us.


If you are anticipating a new season, may you rise to the challenge in faith and hope in Him who will guide your every step.


Discussion questions: 1. When were you facing something uncertain, but you trusted God to guide and lead you? What happened? 2. How has God shown His faithfulness to you?


You are invited to join us on Friday morning to discuss this topic in the Men’s Zoom Group. See Zoom details below. You can also use today’s topic as a discussion starter in your own men’s group.


In His richest blessings,

Frank Po Ching

Frank Po Ching, PKNZ National Director

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