Planning For Growth & Increase

Return on investment, increase on investment. Tree growth.

“There are two things that last forever; the Word of God, and people’s souls.” Roy Crowne – the former National Director of UK YFC, said this in one of his 2022 interviews. He continued by saying given those two things, he would encourage anyone to invest into spreading the word of God, and into people’s souls.

Planning for growth is planning for an increase on investment. This principle is true for any business, not for profit, or ministry.


Matthew 25:13-30 speaks of a master who offered his three servants’ talents to invest according to their own abilities before he set off on his journey.

The master was expecting an increase on his investment. After a while, he returned, and found two had doubled their investments.

They were faithful with the little they received, and they were made to rule over many things.

But for the one who was given one talent, the net return on investment was zero. Why? He was resentful, jealous, envious, fearful, and insecure.

He had the ability to gain a return on investment equal to that which was given to him, but he lacked the foresight, vision, and the belief that the master’s good-ness given to him, was destined for an increase. So, he hid it, and the talent was taken away from him.


We have all been given something to invest, to grow, and to gain an increase in. The kingdom of God is a kingdom of increase.

The last 30 years of PK ministry in NZ has seen an incredible return from the sweat, tears, and the dedication, not to mention the resources sacrificed to carry out God’s purpose. The legacy and the roots are deep, and the responsibility for us in the next season, is to keep going, keep toiling, and keep trusting God to send the workers.


As we plan and move ahead to what the Lord has for PK in this new season, we are expecting a return on the ‘goodness’ of God entrusted to us to fulfil His purpose.

For the next two weeks, I’ll be encouraging you to consider putting your hand to the plough to extend the kingdom of God. Pick any ministry; an organisation or individual and ask God how you could invest into them.


We are looking for new partners, and co-labourers to work with us. We are also looking for new financial partners to commit to our new $9 per month initiative

The good news for all of us, is that the harvest belongs to the Lord. But He is looking for willing hearts to commit to what He promised a return on.


In His richest blessings,
Frank Po Ching

Frank Po Ching, PKNZ National Director

Watch this short video from Frank – How do we prepare for what comes next? (1m 32s)