While hundreds of Samoans have been able to participate in Promise Keepers Events over the last two decades, Samoan-speaking men have not been able to access the transformational messages, and experience what Promise Keepers offers men.  Every year throughout NZ thousands of men come together at Promise Keepers Events, which are held in the main cities, where they are given many skills and biblical principles to help them become godly husbands and great leaders in the family.

Many of the Samoan speakers, musicians and singers who have been on the platform at Promise Keepers will now be leading Tama Tane Malosi in their own language. Currently the PKNZ Board including Ps. Tavale Matai’a is working closely together with many other Samoan pastors and churches right across Auckland to help build up men in their respective churches to be mighty men of valour and integrity.

Past events available on DVD

Tama Tane Malosi Event DVDs

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016