DISC ONE: Friday Night
Tony McKeown – Living in God’s Presence 24/7
Danny Guglielmucci – Sons of God
Richard Brunton – Father’s Blessing
DISC TWO: Saturday Morning
Sy Rogers – Power to Change Your Life
Norm McLeod – Authority Released
Richard Brunton – Faith in Action
DISC THREE: Saturday Afternoon
Elective 1: Sy Rogers – Redeemed Manhood
Elective 2: Sy Rogers – Power of Forgiveness
Elective 3: Sy Rogers – Dealing with Strongholds
DISC FOUR: Saturday Afternoon continued
Elective 4: Sy Rogers – Keeping Clean in a Dirty World
Richard Brunton – Blessed to be a Blessing Commissioning
Daz Chettle – Testimony
Danny Guglielmucci – Full Throttle Faith