Group Leaders Connecting in Men’s Ministry

Group Leaders Discussion Forum

I am interested in how you are using email, digital platforms, and social media within your Men’s Ministry. What do we see as the purpose of incorporating digital technology into our existing ministry. This group is a case in point.

By sharing maybe we can glean some ideas, techniques, and strategies from each other. This will help us to see how we can improve our delivery, communication, and resourcing. We can also explore what PK online resources you are using and what you would like to see developed that you think might be useful.

Come and share your experience so together we may be encouraged and strengthened. If you are not leading a group presently you are still welcome. Come and join us!

I am sorry this meeting is a little out of sync from our usual timing, but for this month (October) and the next (November), we will be meeting on the third Thursday of the month not the first.

I look forward to catching up on Thursday 20 October.

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