Changing Perspectives

I’ve noticed that different ages bring different milestones and reflections. When I was 40 years old those who were 70 seemed very old indeed. However, I am turning 65 at the end of this year and now 70 doesn’t really seem that old at all. It is all about perspective, I guess. As I look back at the last couple of years they seem to have been marked by upheaval and change.


I spent 36 years of my working life in the education sector which is one of those places where change is inevitable through change of culture, theories and often through a change of government with a new and different ethos. So, I am a bit of a social culture watcher.


What I have witnessed through the Covid-19 response has been a real eyeopener for me as a culture watcher. There have been issues that divided us through the years but nothing that have been quite like this. It has left a scar on communities, individuals and churches which seems to be difficult for some to get over. Change begets change, so PK is not the same as we were pre-2020 and the way we deal with, and respond to life, is not what it was in 2019.


As it is with individuals, families, and communities so it is with organisations, as we have been unable to maintain the same strategies as we did in 2019. For much of these recent years, we have been unable to meet in large groups, which removed our ability to gather at our traditional PK events. We needed to be prepared to try something new or quietly become irrelevant. So, we have responded with a more niche approach.


What does that look like? Well one of the things that became so evident during the Covid response years is that communities and regions function quite differently to challenges. This caused us to rethink the way we interact with our men in different geographical regions. The first major change was that instead of expecting men to come to us in the three main centres, we went to them in their home regions. We consulted with the local organisers as to what they thought was good for their communities. We decided we would meet around food, it seemed to work for Jesus so should work for us. We have had speakers at breakfasts, morning teas, lunches and sometimes all three as a programme.


This has proved very successful and well received with PK Local Events from Kaitaia to Invercargill. We can meet the needs of men in new and different ways. However, one of the side effects that we hadn’t completely recognised until recently is the loss of an income stream through not having the big events. We are slowly bleeding funds at the moment. If we are to continue to provide the services we presently have, with PK Local Events, Set Free pornography recovery groups, discussion groups, online events, and thought-provoking emails, we need an injection of funds. Every donated dollar counts significantly to us right now.


So, I am asking you as a part of PK; are you able to make a one-off donation, increase your present regular donation or start to become a regular donator? If you were a Momentum Partner and have reduced your giving, can you review it back up? Find out more [here].


The men of this nation need your generous giving now.


With grateful thanks

Paul Monahan

PKNZ National Director