Who are you looking for? Who do you want to meet?

The Connector - 

Link, relationship, relation, interrelation, interconnection, interdependence, association, attachment, bond, tie. These are all words that a have a similar meaning to connection. With a connection we often need a connector of some sort. When we are talking friends, a connector is a bridge-builder; someone who bridges the gap between people you don’t know or may want to know.

Having worked with the development of Set Free, our Pornography Recovery Ministry, I understand the value of community. Being part of a community or tribe is imperative in recovering from addiction in most cases. In the case of addiction, people gather out of mutual need which drives us towards each other and friendship develops from that.

When you need something – a job, a doctor, a friend or even a date the “Connector” seems to know the right people. In fact they seem to “know everyone”. Connectors do social really well, they invite all sorts of people to all sorts of events, where you meet other people.

So how would you know a connector? Well they seem to know everyone in any given situation. To identify your connector just ask them to introduce you to whatever type of friend you might be looking for. It is easy, then pray your connection takes off!

If you suspect you maybe a connector don’t wait to be asked instead offer people introductions when you see connections that may bless. Maybe throw a party and get everybody talking, you are probably a great host!

Paul Monahan