Life is an adventure and it’s even better with a navigator

It is said that life is an adventure! Hopefully that is true because it makes it all the more interesting, challenging and fun. There are times however we need someone to help us get through the rapids as safely as we can. In the rafting picture that’s the guy at the back who still has his paddle in the water steering and navigating.

A navigator helps you steer through the good, the bad and the downright ugly! They bring out the pros and cons, giving advice that helps you stay off the rocks of life. In difficult times you need the navigator right with you in the boat. They help you keep things in perspective, moving to a positive future, while keeping things grounded in reality.

When you’re at the crossroads of life the navigator comes into his own. Helping you to know and hang onto who you are, and just as importantly, who you are not! You can safely share your hopes and dreams with them. These guys are imperative if you want to continue to grow and learn, taking advantage of your opportunities.

Experience is a key factor so find out who has been in a similar position to you. What challenges have they faced and overcome? You may be surprised at the talent and experience around you. If you are not sure who can help you, just ask, you will soon work it out. Remember you are looking for experience not just opinion. Even what not to do can be useful! Give them the big picture of your hopes and dreams. Then ask how they would get to where you want to go. Above all else keep it real with them and yourself.

If you have expertise in an area someone else is struggling in, offer to give advice and help. You must also acknowledge when you are at your limit or out of your depth! You might make all the difference between navigating the white-water well and ending up on the rocks!