Common issues that can hold men back

• Family/generational issues: Jesus came to break those family ties.
• Guilt: Jesus came to forgive us.
• Shame: Face the thing - pull it out in the light and watch it wither!
• Sexual sin: You’ve got your pegs so deep in the ground, you’re not going anywhere. Deal with that today!
• Grief: Keeps you attached to the past.
• Bitterness: Did someone hurt you? If you’ve never forgiven them say, “God, help me!” Unforgiveness will leave you chained to the past, tormented in the present and robbed in your future.
• Fear: Some of us have lived with such performance-orientation in the background that the fear of doing anything can be a gripping thing.
What is the key hindrance in your life stopping you arising and going forward with God, or possessing promises? Give it a name, call it out into the light and you’re already halfway to dealing with it.

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