Belonging to a Brotherhood

Belonging to a brotherhood, friendship, trust,

In Mark 8 we read, “Jesus opened his heart and spoke freely with his disciples, explaining all these things to them.”


I want to ask you today how many men can you open your heart to and speak freely with and trust them?


Jesus had built the relationship. They had been walking and talking together. They had roomed together and done ministry together. He could now share His heart with these guys.


I am privileged to have men in my life that I can share with and trust. That does not happen overnight. It has to be intentional. You have to build the relationships. You have to walk together and eat together and do some ministry together.


Sadly, Peter did not understand Jesus and rebuked Him. But that is all part of the process.  This week I had something on my heart. I was able to have coffee with a mate and share from my heart. Then I met with my 4 wheel drive men’s group and shared with them. They gave me insight and encouragement, and I know that what I shared is safe with them.


If you don’t have men like this in your life you need to cultivate them. It will take time, but it is worth it and incredibly valuable. If you do then thank God for those relationships.


The Bible is full of one another’s and we need to work at them. Pray and give thanks or seek out some men that you can share your heart with.



Geoff Wiklund