Wholeness through Community

Mission statements and vision statements became all the rage in the management sector over the 2000’s. Everywhere you went there was a mission statement on the wall from hospitals, your local school and you could even read one standing in the queue at McDonalds. That is not as prevalent today as it was back then. However that does not mean that having vision is not important. After all the scripture says in Proverbs 29:18, Where there is no vision [no revelation of God and His word], the people are unrestrained; But happy and blessed is he who keeps the law [of God].” (Amplified Version). I myself love this version because it defines vision in God’s terms.


Vision is about passion, call and drive. Therefore the above scripture compels me to ask; what has God been saying about men and their sometimes desperate needs at this time? After being able to hear God and observe the situation of many men across the country. I passionately believe that many men don’t understand where they fit anymore. This is compounded by a feeling of separation and loneliness which effects their spiritual growth and sense of identity. Unfortunately for some men emotional pain tends to be medicated with anything from porn to alcohol. Extending hope for the journey is what I am called to and the passion that drives me forward. In short my call is you!


My life experience shows me that the answer lies closer than we think. The answer is in God and each other. We are to lift up our brothers and walk the journey together side by side. And when it’s really rough, stand back to back to defend each other against the enemy of our soul. The simplest way in my experience to do this is in a men’s group. I have been in different groups for thirty years and each has taken me forward and in many ways brought healing.


As PK men we believed God wanted from us a statement to take us forward. In 2019 we confirmed this purpose statement:

“Promise Keepers encourages men to come out of isolation, deal with life issues, grow spiritually and find their identity as sons of God. We do this by bringing men together in groups and at events. We also provide tools and resources for individual men. This empowers men to build authentic friendships, enjoy peace and wholeness, and gives them the strength they need for today and hope for tomorrow.”


For 2020 we felt the need to come and join you as members of a network where you are partnered with both geographically and in terms of the needs you have. Breaking isolation and empowerment for individual men and local men’s communities has been reaffirmed as a top priority to us. So we were hoping to come and spend time with you in small scale local events across the country. The 2020 COVID situation and various lockdowns prevented us from fully implementing this plan. But we understand the ongoing value of that concept in conjunction with the larger scale events in larger centres. Therefore we are planning for numerous events throughout our nation in 2021.


After our recent vision planning meeting we thought that this concept needed to be extended to include establishing men’s groups from these gatherings in as many communities as possible. To see the purpose statement outworked we understand that men’s groups are the most effective format to do that. We as an organisation and network must embrace this concept with new vigour. I was reminded while I was writing this how effective groups are in building an authentic men’s relational community. A friend of mine, I have been in a group with for five years, sent me an email affirming the contribution I had made to his and others men’s lives through the group and in other ways. It was both humbling and encouraging that we can recognise how effective groups are over time in getting below the superficial and allowing men to deal with what matters in their lives; the good, the bad and at times the just plain ugly.


We as a network all have a part to play in developing an authentic men’s community. What is your part? Are you a group leader/coordinator, a group member, a coordinator for your town, part of a men’s group committee for your region? To see this vision outworked, that will support God’s social building blocks of family, marriage and community, we need to have financial contributors who believe in the purpose and vision and are prepared to financially support it. That means if you give, can you give a little more to see more men of this nation lifted up and supported? If you don’t give at the moment are you prepared to invest in the future of your Christian brothers across the nation? As little as $10 a month multiplied by many makes an amount we can count on and build on, creating a significant difference. Contact me by replying to this email or find out more [here].


It is my belief that in five years we will look back and be amazed at how far we have come together!



Paul Monahan

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