Who Cares for the Lost and Hurting?

Artwork of “Who Cares?” by Mauricio Palacio

A friend sent me this picture, “Who Cares?” by Mauricio Palacio. An artistic interpretation of a vision of lost souls written by General William Booth, Founder of the Salvation Army.


I encourage you to study and meditate on the image. What does God say to you through it?


I think this ties in with what Ants Puki was saying during his interview in the recent PK online event. [Click here to watch the interview with Ants Puki on Living Your Best Life]


  • What strikes you most about the painting?
  • How are we being salt and light?
  • In what ways do you interact with the non-Christian community?
  • How are you sharing the Gospel amongst those people and any unsaved family?
  • How could you improve your ability to be a gather of men (and women) for the Kingdom?



Paul Monahan