The Heart of the Father

The Father-Heart of God

At the PK Christchurch event last year, I was powerfully impacted by the message Luka Robertson shared.

What an incredible calling of God there is on this man. He is a prophet to the nation and to those who heard his Christchurch presentation.

PK will be creating a couple of Online Events using presentations from the two main Christchurch speakers, Luka Robertson and Aaron Ironside. When these presentations are ready in mid-July, it will be an ideal opportunity to gather your men to watch and process together what this means for you individually.

For me having watched this live at the time, I have begun to process some of Luka’s message. The question for me has been, how much of my relationship with God the Father, has been limited by my own understanding of Father, as experienced by myself from my own Father, Father-in-Law, and my own Fathering?


As we listened to Luka that day in Christchurch, most men in attendance were gobsmacked by hearing about Luka’s Dad experience. For me I recognised I was blessed being at the other end of the spectrum of Dad experiences.

I realised that while my Dad was a great Dad, his fathering was impacted by his life experiences of trauma. Some of his life events included as a 10-year-old finding his Father had committed suicide, during the depression. Growing up with no Father. Going to war as an 18-year-old. Being a Prisoner of War for four-and-a-half years. Losing his first child at six-months-of-age and being told it was the result of the father’s sin!

It was an age where men were meant to be men, (whatever that means), and it wasn’t manly to show emotion. If my Dad had a major failing it was in showing affection, touch and using words of endearment. But based on his background it’s no wonder.

His pattern has been part of my pattern, which I have consciously had to try and break.


The question for me after listening to Luka has been: Based on my experience and understanding of “Father”, how much have I restricted my experiencing my Heavenly Father’s intimacy?

I believe I have disallowed God to show His true fullness to me, based on my own understanding which has restricted me from receiving all that God has for me. So, I am on a refocused journey of waiting in God’s presence for greater revelation of His love for me. While this may be seen as a selfish act, the motivation is to be a better Father in these later years of my life to my adult children and grandchildren.

So friend, decide to listen to Luka Robertson when his presentation is available on the PK website in July.


Discussion Question: How has your image of, judgement of, modelling from your Father, restricted your image and relationship with God the Father?



Peter Goulter


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