Taking My Power Back

From a Christian worldview we could easily think we are being marginalised by some powerful social voices which appear to be taking away free speech and religious freedom. It is easy to focus on what we perceive we have lost. Sadly, in most of the contentious issues the horse seems to have bolted, but what if we choose to focus on what we can do.

We can take a leading prayer roll in situations. To lead we must prepare. The thing is, if this is going to take place, we also need to make some other changes. It is so easy to leave family stuff to our wives, they know what is going on, but is that enough? Well, is it? Do you know what is going on with your children at home? At school? In their social circle? Are they hurting or lonely? I know that some of my grandchildren are dealing with some significant ostracising and bullying issues. But I can start to address that in the heavenlies through prayer.

So, I got down to blokes’ stuff and made a PLAN! The first thing I had to admit was that most of the time when praying for my adult children my prayers were general because I didn’t really have a clue what was going on in their world, because I didn’t talk to them. I left that to the women in the family and they told me what they thought I needed to know. Therefore, my first step was to regularly speak to each of my adult children, share my thoughts and find out what was going on in their world. I set myself a target of talking to each of them once per week. Let me tell you, lots can change in a week! This has shown me how I can begin to pray for my children, their children and spouses in an effective and meaningful way.

Unfortunately, today there are families where some relationships are damaged or broken. I believe prayer is the answer that begins to open doors in this area. As we begin to speak blessing and life over them, God can begin to move in their world. We can pray for situations where there is estrangement between husband and wife, children, sisters, brothers, grandchildren, nephews, and nieces, the list is extensive. As we bring our heart into alignment with the Father, who brings healing, things that we couldn’t do on our own become possible. Even if we only start by blessing them daily. It could be life-changing for us as well as them as we take away the enemy’s ground from under him because I know Psalm 133 tells us unity commands a blessing. When we choose to engage with God’s heart a blessing can be released, and circumstances can and do change.

As I write these words, God is reminding me about members of my family that are estranged and away from God, so I am realising that I too have a role to play here. I believe God is calling you and me to war, it is a war in the heavenlies for our families. Are you prepared to enlist for the duration?

Paul Monahan

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