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Today’s guest writer is Phil Macgregor who recently shared his encouraging story at the PK Whangarei Event. His enthusiasm for men and men’s groups is inspiring. We asked Phil to share his journey with all of us....

When it comes to starting a men’s group there can be a lot of questions, nervousness, insecurity and fear. Questions like am I qualified enough? Am I experienced enough? Can I really teach things from the Bible? Will people like what I have to bring and will it even help to build, encourage and have an impact on other people’s lives and walk with God? You may or may not have had thoughts like this.

I have wrestled with these thoughts and emotions in the past when being asked to preach or lead a group. One thing I have come to realise is that God is faithful and when it comes to stepping out He will meet us where we are at, and that doesn’t mean that we have to be as polished as someone who has been out there ministering to others for years, but what it does mean is that He will help us along the way and we will learn by doing.


When I first got saved, I went to a church where I was encouraged to step out. I was fully involved with the leadership and ministry at this church. After several years, I left this church and ended up in another couple of churches where I was not part of any leadership or ministry, it all just seemed to stop. I knew that I had a purpose in the body of Christ and I knew that the Bible says we are all called to preach the gospel and do the same works as Jesus did and even greater. But during this time, I just felt lost and not sure of what direction I was meant to follow.

A couple of years ago I started really seeking God again. The Spirit of God was teaching me about who I am in Christ and what that means. I started sharing with a couple of men who I didn’t know. They were from my children’s school and I also shared with friends from other churches about what I had been learning. They started asking me questions and I was able to give them the answers. I thought these men seemed interested in what I was sharing and it would help them to hear all that God has been showing me. So I talked to my wife Cecelia, and I decided to get these men together, start a group and see what happens. Jesus commanded us to make disciples so I decided I will be obedient.



There was no big revelation or sign, no anointed word. I knew a group of men that wanted to learn more about their identity in God and who wanted a place to ask for help for anything they were going through. I felt God was giving me the answers and messages to share.

Since we started meeting together, we have learnt a lot about each other and who we are in God. We are growing together, feel connected and our focus also includes how we can share our faith with our families and our community. If I had not done anything and held onto what I learned, I wouldn’t feel connected to other men and we wouldn’t have a safe place to talk and pray together. All it took was one person seeing a need, trusting God and then stepping out.

Are you a part of a men’s group? Are you needing a place to talk and grow, or are there men around you that are needing to connect with other men?  There is no right way of running a group and each group will be different. We just have to start and see what God will do with it.


Phil Macgregor


Phil Macgregor has been running a men’s group for about three years and PK has been supporting him in this by offering a forum to discuss men’s group leadership. Phil is married to Cecelia who has been on staff with PK for nearly 13 years.

If you’d like to know more about starting a men’s group, or men’s group study resources, contact PK [here] 

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