Join the Group Leaders’ Discussion first Thursday of the month

How do we encourage our men to reengage with church and men’s ministry?

We have had significant periods of time where church and men’s ministry have not been able to gather in the last two plus years. Let’s gather and brainstorm ways to reengage the men of our church community and the wider community.

If you are a Men’s Ministry Leader, or just care about the men of your community, please come and join our discussion.

Each situation will have its own unique circumstances, but by sharing successes and ideas we may be able to modify and develop others’ leadership experiences and accomplishments to meet our needs.

But more than anything else, let’s meet to encourage each other as we move forward. We are blessed to be a blessing.

See you on Thursday 3 March at 7:30pm. Then join in the Group Leaders discussion on the first Thursday of the month.

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