God’s Word is Timely for Every Season

Long ago I concluded that the Word of God has a word or direction for every season of Man and for each individual man. So, in this time of life in NZ, what could and does scripture say to us?

For many of us it is a time of uncertainty, financial loss not of our own making, lockdown, isolation from family and friends, the inability to access services that we are accustomed to, loss of personal freedom, concern about changing laws in our country that potentially could deeply impact the Church and each individual Christian, the potential loss of freedom of speech, and possibly a future of persecution. Somewhere in amongst these concepts, we all sit to a greater or lesser extent.

Well, I think the book of Esther is a great reflection for this time that we are in. When we look to the big picture, away from the micro realities of today, the truth is God knows what is going on. He knows the true agenda; I am sure there are no surprises to Him as He has seen mankind do it all before. The issues may be similar but different.


When we read the story in Esther, we have another Biblical situation of “THE KING HAVING ONE MORE MOVE”. It is time to take our eyes off the micro events and our own feelings at this time and cast them all at the feet of the Lord. We should be praying about our concerns and for those in governance over us (refer to Esther 4:15-16), to do what you believe the Lord is guiding you to do (Esther 5) and waiting for the deliverance of God (Esther 8:7-9).

When we look at the time Esther was living in, the Jews were more than in lockdown, but in persecution with a plan being put in place for their ethnic cleansing. Evil was rampant in the leadership of the kingdom. The future looked more than bleak. Mordecai had his eyes open and was watching the times. He kept true to his faith in what were trying times and God used him to bring about His plan.

In a similar way God can use you and me to bring about His plans. Keep your eyes on the Lord. Continue to read His Word. Wait on the Lord for guidance on your role in this season. Check everything to His Word. Maintain fellowship with the believers. Support your Pastor.

Maybe God will use you to raise up an Esther.


Can I suggest that you read the book of Esther? It is an encouraging Word for this season that we are in. I believe it is a Word from the Lord recorded for such a time as this. Do you have faith that our God can deliver us from our current season regardless of how many concerns you may have about society, government, morality, education, the law, the Church, conspiracy theories or end times theology.

I believe THE KING HAS ONE MORE MOVE. He always does.


Peter Goulter

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