God’s Transforming Power

Man reflecting on God's greatness,

How many of us are living under an atmosphere of unbelief rather than rising up and building around our life an atmosphere of faith? An atmosphere where God can move, so wherever you go, you start to see God working through you.


Jephthah in Judges 11 was the half-breed son of a harlot. He grew up in an environment of rejection and shame but God wanted to use that man to make a difference in the nation. Jephthah became a mighty man of valour. He wasn’t born a champion; he became a champion because of how he responded to God.


God is still looking for champions. He needs men who will arise in the power of God. There are people waiting for someone to reach out to them and bring God’s power to them so their life can change. They need you to rise up - to reach out into the realm of the Spirit and begin to take hold of God day by day and carry His power into where you come from and where you go.


It doesn’t matter where you’ve come from and how much you’ve lived in shame and rejection, God wants to release His power through you. He wants to change the ending to your story. You may not have had a good start but you can have an amazing finish! It comes out of decisions.


Here are four things you need to make a decision about:


  1. Run to God, not a substitute. You can choose to run into things that make you addicted or you can run to God. When you surrender to God you get His best; you give up your worst.


  1. Resolve issues of grief, injustice and offence. You can’t carry all your baggage with you and expect the power of God to work through you. Let God access your heart. Release grace and forgiveness instead of judgement.


  1. Receive the Holy Spirit daily. Build a strong prayer life. If you want to see things happen, become strong in spirit. Spend time in the Word of God, and start to speak God’s Word over your life daily.


  1. Recognise and respond to opportunities by stepping out and believing for God to work through you. You will never know about God’s power flow until you try. Build your inward life so something flows out from within you that brings life to other people.



Mike Connell


Mike Connell is an author and founding pastor of Bay City Church, Hastings. Mike wants to equip people to become strong in spirit and in faith.  www.mikeconnellministries.com


Discussion Questions: What opportunities are waiting for you to fulfil? What is the Holy Spirit speaking to you about today?


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